All About Bridal Nails

All women love a good manicure and pedicure. Nails are an important part of our hands – we want them to look good, well-manicured and well maintained. This article serves to give a list of suggestions on various gorgeous nail designs and colours a bride can don on her wedding ceremony. From 3D nails to sparkly ones – you name it, we got it!

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Getting Gelish Nails

These nail polishes are gel based. In using this, the gel is applied over your natural nails and then put under UV light. This makes the gel last longer and stick well onto your nails. They do not peel or chip off easily, and they appear very glossy. Usually, the gel lasts for two to three weeks on fingernails, and six to nine weeks on toenails, depending on how fast your nails grow. They also protect your nails from scratches and wear.

The main pros of gelish nails are as follows. Firstly, they strengthen the nails and bolster your nail growth. Secondly, there is a panoply of colours to choose from, thus giving you more choices, and allowing your nails to appear vibrant and beautiful for any occasion. Thirdly, they protect your nails from every day wear and tear. And fourth, they look gorgeous in photos and videos!

Getting 3-D Acrylic Nails

Many brides-to-be love getting 3-dimensional acrylic nails as they increase the wow factor of one’s hands and overall appearance. 3-dimensional acrylic nails are also suitable for those with brittle or weak nails because they bolster and strengthen one’s nails.

To apply a 3-D acrylic nail polish, start by applying a base coat that will give your nails a shiny appearance. Next, carefully assemble pearls, beads and glitter on your nails based on the design you want. (You can look for samples on the Internet.) Lastly, apply a top coat to protect the finished design.

Take note, however, that some women report that 3-D acrylic nails may cause nails to become discoloured and that they may impede the natural growth of the nails.

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Getting Home-based Manicures

Another option for brides is to get a home-based manicure. Some home-based manicure look very well-done, yet typically cost just a fraction of salon rates. For a home-based manicure, you’ll need a base coat, a top coat, colour polish, some nail polish remover, cuticle stick, emery board, and cotton pad. Choose as many colour polish as you want.

To apply your own manicure, step one is to use nail varnish to remove any existing marks you may have on your fingernails. The next step is to add some cuticle oil onto your fingernails and rub it in. Leave this on for a few minutes. Olive oil may be used as a substitute for cuticle oil.

Next, using an emery board, file your nails. Make sure to smoothen the rough edges of your nails. After that, wash your nails and hands and, once your nails are dry, apply on the base coat. The base coat serves as a support for the nail polish, as well as prevents the pigment in the nail polish from staining your nails.

Next, apply your chosen coloured nail polish. When the polish has dried, add nail varnish. More layers of varnish are recommended if you wish to have a darker shade of the nail polish. Finally, apply a top coat to protect your nails and leave to dry. And you’re done!

Having a good manicure and pedicure is recommended for brides-to-be for them to look their best on their wedding day. Moreover, with nails that match your dress, you will be bound to look stunning in your wedding photographs! Choose a nail colour or design which suits your personality and style, and you’ll be bound to look good and feel good on your big day.

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