All About The Engagement Ring: Price & Practicality

What You Need to Know Before You Go Down on Your Knee and Ask Her the Big Question


Once you’ve known the basics about a diamond ring’s qualities, you’re halfway through making a confident purchase of the ring with which you’ll pop the big question. Here are three more considerations you need to take before you go shopping for your engagement ring.


The Cost

Set your budget for the ring. It’s not really smart to follow the two-month or three-month rule when it comes to how much to set aside for your purchase. You can buy a perfectly exquisite ring more or less at a cost of a month’s salary.

The golden rule is not going into debt because, financially, that won’t be a good start for your marriage. The price of a ring can be negotiated and buying an affordable ring as opposed to a pricey one doesn’t make it less romantic. Explore less expensive alternatives such as Lab Diamonds which are as beautiful as the traditional stone but costs 5% to 10% less.

Your lady will appreciate it more if you invest more on your honeymoon than on your engagement ring. After all, in the future when you are more financially stable, you can still indulge her with a pricier rock. The important thing is not to acquire debt at the beginning of your marriage. So just buy what you can afford, and if she truly loves you, that will be enough for her.

Practicality and Durability

You need to be well aware of your girlfriend’s lifestyle to select a ring that can withstand everyday wear and tear for the rest of your lives together. The Bezel setting for instance is a practical choice for a woman whose lifestyle involves the use of her hands a lot. This type of setting best secures the stone and keeps it from getting dislodged.

For a durable band, opt for platinum if it is within your budget, as it is more hard-wearing than gold. Titanium and steel are other sturdy options. Keep in mind that the purer the gold, the more prone it is to wearing out.



A ring that is ethically-produced is one that is conflict-free, which means it’s a ring that is not from areas that are controlled by factions that are against the legitimate and internationally recognized governments as defined by The United Nations. These diamonds that are produced by antagonistic groups are used to fund their military action to oppose the government.

Although this is not a must in purchasing the ring, it would be a great consideration to take that you can tell your girlfriend about to thrill her more about the rock on her finger.

Before you shop, it is helpful for you to know her jewelry preference. It should be a great tip for you to make sure you wouldn’t have to return the ring because she couldn’t bear wearing it; that is if she says “yes!” But of course with a well-thought out choice for a ring and the universe conspiring to your favor, she will accept your proposal.

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