Put a Ring On It, Other Than a Diamond

Whether it’s a matter of style or budget, there are alternatives to the traditional diamond engagement ring. But before you give the unconventional kind, think hard about the personality of your lover to whom you are proposing. Why? Because you want to make that the ring you use to pop the question will help you get a “Yes!” and not a “Uhmmm… What exactly is that?” The latter can happen if you mistake your partner as offbeat. So before considering an alternative to the diamond bling, know your partner enough to be confident of her (or his) preference.


Ethically-Produced Diamonds

This kind of alternative is closely similar to the diamond ring but is less priced. These are diamonds that are guaranteed to be conflict-free. The United Nations define conflict diamonds as those “…that originate from areas controlled by forces or factions opposed to legitimate and internationally recognized governments, and are used to fund military action in opposition to those governments, or in contravention of the decisions of the Security Council.’ Learn more about this alternative to make an educated choice that you and your partner can feel good about.

Colored Diamonds

If your partner is adventurous about colors, then you can make a choice, with lesser risks, for a colored diamond. The black diamond is raising curiosity and interest from the public with its exposure in the movie Sex and the City 2; where Mr. Big gave Carrie a stunning five-carat black diamond ring. But if your partner’s favorite movie happens to be Titanic, why not offer a blue diamond ring ala “heart of the ocean”? Or if sky’s the limit to your budget and you want it to be extraordinary, then go for the canary diamond. It is a rare yellow-colored diamond that can match your loved one’s distinct taste. The synthetic kind that optically and physically matches the real diamond is the best choice. As long as you pick the top quality man-made stone, it can supposedly pass as a diamond in any jeweler’s test. Plus you need not worry about ethical issues or environmental concerns.


Non-Diamond Rings

This alternative engagement ring comes in many varieties; practically all sorts of semi-precious stones are in this category.  Picking a ring from this category, can be a test on how well you know your partner as your choice for the gem may very well be based on your partner’s character and preference. If your beloved loves the beach or the ocean then turquoise may be a good choice. Or for a less tricky test, why not base it on her (or his) birth month to know the corresponding birthstone. In any case that your engagement need not be a surprise, then it would be best to have your partner with you in selecting that non-diamond ring that will make her (or him) happy.

Cliché as it may sound, but the strength of love and commitment truly is not based on the jewel on your finger. However, to your marriage these jewels can serve as a reminder and a sparkly one at that.

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