Amanda & George – A Love Blessed in Heaven

Two people find love as they travel in life

Amanda Woon, Social Work Associate
George Yu, Sales Executive

Amanda and George Yu tied the knot on May 25, 2013

Amanda and George

Starting on Their Way

Sometimes, we meet someone early in life and realize only years later that they are the one destined for us. Such is the story of Amanda and George, who despite having known each other in secondary school, did not progress to have a close friendship. Things finally changed during an alumni event where the two found themselves having a picture together. They then exchanged phone numbers and arranged to see each other again.

While they’ve began to develop feeling for each other, what really started their relationship was a strange incident that happened while they were riding an LRT. Amanda was holding on to a pole when an old man grabbed her hand. Surprised and a little frightened, she held on to George’s shirt. Instinctively, he took her hand instead. They held each other’s hand for the rest of the ride and, metaphorically, they have never let go.

A Proposal Done Twice

Though deeply sincere, George’s initial proposal was a little short on romance. They were riding up an escalator when he dropped the question of whether Amanda would like to get an HDB unit with him. That settled things and the couple began preparing for their wedding. However, while on a vacation in Malaysia, George proposed once again, more formally this time. As Amanda was taking things out of her luggage, he knelt on one knee and asked if she would be his wife – that was the magical moment she’d been waiting for.

“I was totally speechless,” Amanda recalls, “he had to nudge me before I could answer.”

Countryside Photoshoot

As they both love animals and nature, George and Amanda decided to have their pre-wedding photoshoot in a farm in Malaysia. Wearing stylishly gowns and suits courtesy of Little Chai Wedding Studio, the couple posed amid a rural landscape, in a meadow of wildflowers, and among farm animals. A stretch of white picket fence and an old barn completed the rustic charm of the photoshoot.

While their shoot was not free of problems – notably, a horse that they were supposed to use in their shoot was very restless and nearly ruined Amanda’s gown – it was still a great experience for the couple, who especially commended their photographer for his skillful in using natural light in their photos.

A Divine Wedding

Despite their preparations for their church wedding, Amanda and George’s wedding did not go exactly as planned. Having prepared for 450 guests, they were surprised to find over 600 family, friends and relatives attending their wedding. It was particularly challenging for the bride who had to change into three different gowns in four hours, leaving her little time to fix her hair.

Still, their wedding was a successful and beautiful celebration of their love, and the couple gave many thanks to God and the 50 helpers He sent to assist them throughout the whole affair. The most memorable and touching moment of the wedding came when the bride’s father gave his speech, expressing his love for his daughter and new son-in-law, and which moved many of the guests to tears.

Amanda says, “By the grace of God, our wedding was fabulous!”

The Pastor’s Counsel

Among the highlights of Amanda and George’s wedding, it was the pastor’s sermon that struck a lot of their guests. The pastor inculcated that a wedding is a marriage where two people come together to form one flesh, reminding the couple that when they bear a child. As they continue on their path in life, the pastor said, the couple should not lose any of the love that they share for each other and keep it at the center of their relationship.

Indeed, Amanda and George’s marriage is a love blessed in heaven.

Bridal Studio: Little Chai Wedding Studio
Venue: Church of Singapore
Decor: Yan Mei

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