An Alma Mater Wedding

How They Met

It was not a case of love at first sight for the couple, who have actually known each other since their days in secondary school. However, as if cupid sensed it was time for Ginny’s love life to bloom, it was our girl who caught the flower bouquet in one of her friend’s wedding.

Soon after that, she got in touch with Shengjie through Facebook. Their hookup was like a scene in a love story. Ginny recalls, “Meeting Shengjie again after few years, it was a totally different feeling and both of us simply fell in love from then on.”

Ginny and Shengjie

How He Proposed

Ginny actually have mixed feelings about the execution of the proposal. The bride tells the story best:

“As he gathered all our friends at TGIF @ Heeren, the group called for a toast to celebrate one of our friend’s first pay cheque (which wasn’t really true). Shengjie had arranged for the waiter to place the ring into the champagne glass and made sure that I took that glass during the toast. However, when he went down on his knee, usually you will expect the guy to reach into his pocket and take the ring box out. However, he told me to ‘quickly finish up your drink, the ring is inside’.”

It wasn’t exactly the dream proposal Ginny had imagined – far from it, actually.

“I was shocked and not quite happy because the ring was sticky when he put it on my finger. And worse of all, there were no flowers. The reason he gave me for that was that he had gone to eat and when he was back, the florist was closed. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to be angry!”

Still, Ginny sees the silver lining in the situation. She says, “I simply feel happy that I have found such a great partner of 8 years.”

Ginny and Shengjie Fun Retro Shoot

The Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Enjoying their photoshoot was essential for the couple. “We decided to have a fun and different pre-wedding shoot, something less formal, yet lively and enjoyable for the both of us,” says Ginny.

Taken by Chris Ling Intl Photographers, their indoor photoshoot taken at Chris Ling studio fulfilled their wishes. Venturing outdoors, Ginny and Shengjie boldly took to the city streets, taking opportunistic photo chances at traffic light junctions.

For some old-school fun, they relived memories of the 1970s by using retro backgrounds and props. Not wanting to miss the chance of having photos of at the soon-to-be-gone railway tracks of Singapore, Ginny and Shengjie included the area as one of their pre-wedding photoshoot locations.

Ginny and Shengjie PhotoShoot

Ginny and Shengjie Photoshoot

The Wedding

Ginny says that choosing Le Grand Wedding for her wedding dress was a simple choice. With Le Grand Wedding‘s expertise and years of establishment in Singapore, selecting gowns for the pre-wedding photos and actual day wedding was a breeze. Le Grand Wedding’s wide range of wedding dresses gave Ginny a gorgeous assortment to choose from, and her choice well suited her exuberant personality.

With their shared secondary school memories etched in their hearts, they chose the unconventional path of having their wedding ceremony at their alma mater. Ginny quips, “We held our solemnisation back in our secondary school, which is very meaningful to the both of us. Most of all our guests were our school mates, teachers and principal.”

Actual Day 1

Actual Day 2

Bridal Studio: Le Grand Wedding
Pre-Wedding Photographer: Chris Ling
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