An Artful Blend of Traditional Beauty and Modern Vibes

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Tying the knot is not just a commitment between two people, but it is also an exchange of culture, background and practices. Be it wedding themes, bridal gowns, or practices, the modern world of weddings and what we see in the media is slowly but surely infiltrating into Singapore. Yet, we don’t want to lose out on the excitement and fever of all things new. So how do we meld it all together to have the best of both worlds? Here are 6 ways on how you can incorporate something traditional and grounded in our roots, while still achieving a one of a kind wedding!


1. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

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Having your pre-wedding photographs taken at somewhere foreign and exotic sure is exhilarating. With a picturesque sunset as the backdrop, or sprinting in place to snap a shot before the busy streets get moving again, an overseas photoshoot sounds like so much fun. But what many couples miss out before diving right into an overseas photoshoot is that there is still something refreshing within what’s familiar. Hot wedding photoshoot locations are Toa Payoh’s iconic old-school playground, authentic shop houses and of course themed hotels in Singapore.


2. Accessories

Image Courtesy of Naiise


Image Courtesy of Naiise

Accessories are a must on your wedding day, but besides the usual jewellery, what else can you use to add a local flavour to your wedding? These adorable earrings featured above are from Miniature Asian Chef, where Juliana handcrafts darling Asian miniature food using polymer clay, making them into ingenious ready-to-wear accessories. For a playful and youthful touch to your overall look, these accessories are perfect.


3. Wedding Programmes

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With the entire wedding ceremony of Christian and Vila celebrating the Indian culture, who can miss out traditional Indian songs and dances? It didn’t matter that not all of their guests were familiar with the Indian culture, but everyone joined in for a time of fun and celebration. It’s always refreshing to have something that celebrates and honours culture, and it’s as meaningful as any performance dedicated to the couple.


4. Wedding Attire

Image Courtesy of Drea Chong


Image Courtesy of One Eye Click

The romantic white gown that instantly transforms you into the most beautiful woman in the room, and the smart tuxedo that makes you look absolutely dapper in it; these are all part of the Western culture that we’ve come to adopt as norms in our weddings. Just like in the first photograph featured, local blogger Drea Chong opted for a beautiful lace mandarin collar that certainly did jazz up the white gown.

It’s certainly not true that guys only have limited options. As depicted in the second picture, this couple turned the Chinese tradition of having the groom pick up the bride into something totally whimsical and wacky. Together with his entire entourage, the groom was dressed in a traditional Chinese groom’s outfit.

Image Courtesy of Bloc Memoire Photography

Imagine how much you, the bride, would stand out on your wedding day when you don something that everyone least expects! In a modern wedding setting with everyone decked out in frilly frocks and with the place filled with pastel decoration, your bold and striking burst of colour or traditional outfit would guarantee that all eyes would be on you.


5. Wedding Favours

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Image Courtesy of Shuang Xi Le

You’d definitely want to leave something lovely for your guests and they would appreciate unique and practical wedding favours. Make it even more meaningful with something traditional or symbolic. It would also serve as a great souvenir to remember your wedding by for your overseas guests!


6. Dessert Table

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Why not add an element of surprise to your dessert table for your guests to enjoy while they hang around during cocktail hour? Old is gold, and everyone loves these traditional treats. The attractive colours make them look too good to be eaten. Not only do they evoke a sense of nostalgia, they make pretty good nosh too!

Weddings with Western influences are simply a norm now that any traditional element added is now refreshing and novel. Embrace the culture while coming up with the wedding of your dreams with these ideas!

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