Arriving on Time and In Style


Finding a wedding transportation service in Singapore is fairly easy, but it doesn’t mean that you should give little thought to it. On the contrary, there’s a lot that you have to do to make sure that you hire a wedding transport company that can accommodate all your needs and, of course, get you to your wedding venues in style. This article will guide you in hiring your wedding transportation service.

Get a passenger count

Before making any inquiries, it’s best if you know first who will need a ride on the day of the wedding. Typically, you will be riding with either your father or your bridesmaids on the way to the wedding ceremony venue, while the best man drives the groom, and the groomsmen make their own way. (On the way to the reception, the couple rides together while the groomsmen normally give a ride to the bridesmaids). However, it wouldn’t be unusual either to arrange a transport for everyone, including special guests. If you’re having guests from outside the country, you will also have to arrange for their transportation.

Giving everyone a ride

Some wedding transport companies in Singapore also offer the service of a charter bus or large vans. As these vehicles can carry a lot of passengers, it guarantees that everyone gets a ride to the ceremony and reception venues. If you’re going to hire vans or a bus, make sure to inform your guests about its schedule and where it will be picking them up.

Securing your transport

If you’re having your wedding during the busy wedding months (June and December), you have to arrange your transportation early on-ideally six months in advance. This specially goes if you want to have a more specific type of ride – a vintage model or a sports car, for example – as these will be in high demand during these times. The earlier you book your transport, the more likely you’ll get the car that you want.

Visit the transport company

Paying the transport company a visit will help make sure that you get quality vehicles, plus you get a better look at the company’s selections. (You may, for example, find and choose a great vehicle that was not featured on the company’s website.) If you find the vehicle of your choice, inform the owner or manager about it so that they can have it reserved for you on your wedding day. During your visit, you may also meet your drivers and have an idea about their personality and level of professionalism.

Make further inquiries

When you inquire about a company’s services, don’t just ask for a quote and the manner of payment. Asking a few other questions can cut down your transportation cost and guarantee that you’re getting good service for your money. Some questions that you have to ask are whether the company offers any package deals (or if there are complimentary items, such as a bottle of champagne, included in the car rental), do they have liability insurance (they better have), or can they provide any references (satisfied customers is the mark of good service).

Contract pointers

After you choose your vehicles, you’ll have to clear a few more points before signing a contract – just to be safe. Some of the pointers you’ll have to clarify are the cancellation policy (particularly whether you can get some of your payment back), whether the company has any gratuity policy, who will cover the parking fees and tolls if there are any, and the specifics of your vehicles and drivers (their name and contact numbers).

Final preparations

A week or a few days before the wedding, you should double check that everyone knows where they’ll be riding and that your drivers know exactly who their passengers are, where they will take them, and what the pickup times will be. Give your drivers detailed directions or a map, if you’re having your wedding in one of the less-traveled places in Singapore. Lastly, make sure that they are properly dressed for your wedding.

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