Ava & Don – A Truly Singaporean Wedding

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Ava, Administration
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Ava and Don

Coffee and Beer

Unlike other couples who started their relationship at a coffee shop, Ava and Don didn’t know each other over cups of coffee but by meeting over the counter – she attending the cash register and him making his delivery of beers that the shop sold. But from their brief encounters, Don felt something special for Ava. He then started wooing her with gifts of food during each of his visits until his persistence and boyish charm eventually won her heart.

The two complimented each other: Ava’s sober personality was a good match to Don’s bubbly attitude – just like coffee and beer. Realizing that they were meant for each other, Don decided it was time to ask for Ava’s hand in marriage. And so on her birthday last year, he gave her a bouquet of sunflowers, a cake and a scrapbook.

“The scrapbook turned out to be his proposal trick,” Ava says, “The last page was written with ‘Will you marry me?’” Don then came to Ava’s apartment carrying another bunch of sunflowers and a huge cardboard with flower petals forming the same message. Finally, he knelt down to one knee and presented her a diamond ring and asked her once again, “Will you marry me?”

Romance and Comedy

While the couple had their pre-wedding photoshoot in Taiwan, they shot their unique wedding video back here in Singapore. In the video, Don and Ava re-enacted how they met and how their love story progressed, but gave it a comic twist. Played over an upbeat pop music, the video shows Don’s attempts to hide but eventually confess his affections for Ava, his efforts to get a permission to marry her, and his special proposal.

Flowers and Favors

The couple did not hire a professional wedding planner and they prepared much of the wedding themselves. For their wedding Ava and Don’s theme was sunflowers, Ava’s favorite flower. Ava described the wedding: “From my sisters’ corsages, to the table decoration and the whole walkway, to the stage – everything was decorated in sunflowers.”

The couple also arranged for two wedding favors for each of their guests: one a custom-made bottle opener and the other a heart-shaped key ring provided by Mandarin Orchard Singapore, the wedding reception venue. The bottle openers were specially ordered and brought back by Ava’s parents. It was the perfect favor as Don works in a brewery company and Ava works in a coffee shop.

Songs and Surprises

A unique aspect of Ava and Don’s wedding was their choice of songs, which included a traditional wayang song that was used for the couple’s second march in. “Everyone thought we played a wrong song,” Ava remembers, “Only our elder guests recognized the melody.”

One of the highlights of the wedding banquet was Ava’s stunning entrance wearing a red tube wedding gown. The gown was tailor-made for the bride and was designed with a dragon and phoenix motif and embroidered with fortune flowers and double happiness signs The groom also had double happiness stitched on the pocket of his suit.

But what entertained the guest the most were the surprise video presentations. One of the videos was a compilation of outtakes from the couple’s final wedding video which showed a lot of bloopers and the couple’s fun side. Another video showed highlights of the wedding ceremony and another a montage of their pre-wedding photoshoot. “All my guests were very entertained with the videos and were still talking about it even now,” Ava says.

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