AWOL Guests, Wilting Flowers, Money Matters – Oh My!

Wilting flowers, food that took too long to be served, and missing guest – these are some of the problems that may arise in your wedding. Even if you’ve pored months of planning your wedding, sometimes, you may still miss out some details, and that’s why we’ve got a list of things for you to look out for.

Worried Bride

1. Long-Lasting Flora

When you are looking around for your flora, search for blooms that will not bruise easily and can last for a long time, especially if you are getting married in a hot or humid location. Instead of gardenias, lilies of the valley and tulips, try sunflowers, gerbera, daisies, dahlias, lilies and hydrangeas. They have woody stems and slightly tougher petals that help them last longer than the other varieties.

But if you really want to have tulips, gardenias and other of the less hardy flowers, take preventive measures. The florist should cut the stems properly and feed the flowers. But you can also do your part in prolonging their lifespan by keeping them away from sources of heat. If you are going to provide containers or vases for the centerpieces, ensure that they have been washed thoroughly with antibacterial soap and that nothing in the containers will promote decay.

2. Keeping Track of Paper Work

One of biggest problems couples experience is tying up their deal with their vendors after the wedding. In many cases, couples discuss the arrangement of their wedding items and services over the phone. This has the advantage of convenience, yes, but it can be very problematic once it’s time to settle the bills, recalling how much each vendor has sold each item or service. So how do you avoid this conundrum?

First and foremost, get everything in writing. If you don’t feel like changing the contract every time you change your mind, put the changes in email. Send an email to the vendor after your conversation on the phone with confirmation of what had transpired. There is no need to be too detailed. Just a simple note will suffice. Save the messages, print them, compile them. Ensure that the vendor knows what you’ve agreed to, and when the time comes to pay, there will be no ambiguity.

3. Guest-Count

Last but not the least is the guest problem. The wedding ceremony is over, the reception is almost starting. The food goes great with the wonderful drinks… but the guests are absent. Some are even straggling in from the ceremony site, causing you problems as you try to coordinate everything.

Ultimately, you will have to deal with this problem, unless your reception and ceremony sites are one and the same. However, you need not spend money on chartering a bus. What you can do is to provide everyone with clear directions. You can send them a map in the mail, together with the invitation, print directions at the end of the wedding program or have someone give out separate sheets of paper with directions printed. That way, you will avoid having guests being late or absent, and still save on money that you can spend elsewhere.

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