Bachelorette Party Ideas

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One of the rules of female friendship is that if one of the girls is getting hitched, the rest has to pitch in and give her a hen’s night to remember. While going to clubs and seeing a stripper may seem like a good adventure, there are a lot of other ways to have a great bachelorette party. Here are 7!

Travel to somewhere special. Now that your girl will be a wife soon, she’ll probably have less time to spend with you. Use the bachelorette party as your chance to spend a long time with her and as an extra reason to travel to a place your group has always wanted to go. This will give you a lot of time to bond and catch up with each other’s lives.

Go to a sports event or concert. If the bride-to-be is a big fan of sports or music, then she’ll have a great time with you attending a big game or a concert of her favorite artist. You can make it more special for her if you can have an item autographed by the players or performer. Cap the night with a hearty dinner or light drinking.

Pamper yourselves. If, on the other hand, her idea of a good time is beautifying herself and just having a relaxed time, then it would be better to gather the girls at a spa or organize a weekend getaway at a resort. A good massage, facial treatment and just simply sipping a drink beside the pool would make her feel good and alleviate the stress caused by all the wedding preparation. You can also improve the experience by dining on fine delicacies.

A time for new experiences. The bride to be is entering a new chapter in her life, so it might be a good time for her to do something she’s never tried before. You can go to a casino and try your luck at the tables, sign the group up for a diving course, or – if everyone’s up for it – even join a class on pole dancing. There’s always something new to experience here in Singapore.

A Sex and the City themed party. Carrie and the girls are the poster group of girl friendship in the metro. If everyone in your clique lives and works in the city, a SatC-themed party may be your idea of fun. Best held at someone’s home, have the girls wear cocktail dresses (inspired by SatC fashion), order takeouts and drink Cosmos or margaritas, and just exchange stories and opinions relevant to being a woman.

A little naughty, a little nice. If Hollywood is to be believed, you can’t have a bachelorette party without going to a club. And while that may indeed be the height of fun for some girls, that may not suit the incoming bride (and his soon-to-be husband) very well. To avoid untoward problems, go to a public club where no one would be doing anything excessive, or just gather at someone’s home and play naughty games like a scavenger hunt of men’s underwear or phone numbers.

Shop in style and comfort. There are few things girls love more than shopping, so why not give the bride-to-be the best shopping experience she’s ever had. Hire a stretch limo and stock it with a couple of bottles of bubbly, and shop in the trendiest boutiques and shops in Singapore. Make the night perfect by going to a fancy restaurant and unwinding at a quiet bar.

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