Basics of Wedding Transport

When it comes to your wedding transportation, you definitely have worry about more than having to keep tin cans and shaving cream off your vehicle. Here are some tips to ensuring a smooth ride throughout your special day.

wedding car

1. Planning Ahead

It’s best to start with a head count. Knowing the number of people you’ll have to transport is essential. If you prefer to ride more conservatively, two saloon cars would comfortably fit the bride with her brides-maids in one vehicle, and the bride’s parents in the other. Alternatively, taking a stylish limo Hummer or SUV would easily fit a crew of ten or even twenty. This option also forms a great setting for some fun photo-taking in a variety of styles (e.g. à la paparazzi), so don’t forget to bring your photographer on board.

Remember to cater for your personal transportation, as well as that of your special guests and bridal party. A popular choice is for you and your wedding attendants to take separate vehicles. In the case where the reception is held in the vicinity of the ceremony, and transportation is not necessary, you may wish to employ the talents of a music crew to serenade your partner and you as you walk to the reception area.

2. Limo Tips and Tricks

Due to the unwavering popularity of limousines, we thought these following suggestions would be very helpful:

– Approach and ask recently-married couples or your wedding-related service providers if they know of any available limousine services they can recommend.

– Plan your schedule. Majority of limousine services cannot be employed for less than three or four hours, so if the length of your ride does not justify the cost of hiring the limo, you can explore more economical alternatives. In the case where multiple journeys need to be made throughout the day, make the necessary arrangements.

– Book your vehicle of choice with, at minimum, six months’ notice. Cross check the rental rates and vehicle quality with other service providers to make sure you get a decent deal. (Tip: Usually less is charged for non-white limousines.)

– Thoroughly read every word of the contract. Also, request for the amount of money you have deposited and the remaining amount owed to be written in a formal statement. Details of the agreement, namely the date, length of the period of rental, places of pick-up; facilities; outfit of chauffeur and his name; specifications of the car and its design; as well as withdrawal and money-back policies have to be stated in black and white.

– Before making the final confirmation, personally go down to the shop and request to check the vehicles you would be getting. If the company does not designate any particular vehicle, you can at least get a feel of the general standard of all their vehicles.

– Get to know your driver. Find a chance to talk to him and find out if he is familiar with both the destination and directions to get there. Pre-empt him with the potential happenings for the day.

– Delegate the task of checking on your chauffeur about half an hour before your pick-up to a bridesmaid to ensure he does not come late.

– Prepare a contingency plan. Remember to request for the number of a person from the limousine company who can be contacted any time of the day if any complication should occur.

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