Being the Boss of Your Wedding – A Guide for Grooms-to-Be

Fortunately or unfortunately, your part doesn’t end at the proposal. Finding the right engagement ring, getting down on your knee and popping the big question doesn’t spare you from wedding preparation duties. As the groom-to-be, it’s also your job too to plan the perfect wedding and make it happen.

While yoy may find wedding planning tedious, look at it on the brighter side and consider it an opportunity for your to put your flair into the wedding and be a part of it as closely as your bride will. (As a caveat though, it would probably be best to just give her the last say should you come to any disagreements.) Now, here are some of your important duties to your wedding.


1. Draft your team of groomsmen

They are the men who will stand by your side when you say “I do.” They will be your companions in the last few days of your bachelorhood. And they are the manly support you need to fight off any pre-wedding jitters, as well as fulfill some pre-wedding and actual day duties. So choose wisely among your friends and family and decide who you can truly rely on for the entire duration of your wedding. Your best choice is your closest brother or your best friend.

2. Make the bar your business

This can easily be fun for you, and if you’re a drinker, this task should  be a breeze. But rather than limiting your drinking expertise to the bar, help your girl in finalizing the drinks for the banquet as well. Give your inputs on the wine for the toast, and even on the non-alcoholic beverages you’ll serve during the meal. Take charge in placing wine orders and setting up the bar as well as the drinks menu for the banquet.

3. Build the menu

This is a very important detail of your wedding, and you should be involved in its creation as much as your bride-to-be. The perk of participating in this area is getting to taste and enjoy all the free food samples from the caterer. You get to taste a variety of food and decide whether you want it served or not – in a way, it’s like being a king. You can help your bride during this part of the preparation by reminding her about any special diet that some of your guests may have. Lastly, you also get to have a say on what kind of wedding cake you will have at your wedding.


4. Do the musical scoring

If you love music, then this should be a pleasure for you. First decide on whether to have a band or a DJ for the dancing. It’s better if you ask what she prefers. She’d be delighted that you will. Once you’ve decided, make a list of the songs you want to be played at your wedding, especially for the important sections of the program, such as your first dance as husband and wife and your bride’s dance with her father. Think also of songs that will get your guests moving on the dance floor. Lastly, coordinate your playlist with your hired band or DJ.

5. Hunt for the right emcee

Basically, you’ll handle the entertainment aspect of your wedding celebration, so that includes getting the right master of ceremony. Your emcee could be a close friend who knows a great deal about you and your bride and whom you can trust host your reception program entertainingly and in good taste. Otherwise, you can coordinate with your wedding planner on a professional host for your wedding. Just be sure you like his style and attitude for him to deserve the microphone on your wedding.

6. Look your best

How difficult is this when all you have to be is your naturally gorgeous self? Except that you have to be in a well-tailored suit. But so what? Take this as an opportunity to express your manly taste in fashion. Look dapper in a suit that is well fitted to bring out the physique she’s crazy about just enough for her to swoon over you when she sees you at the altar. Aside from making sure you look your best, help out your men as well with their suits.


7. Take charge of the wedding transportation

Of course this has to be your duty. Find a reputable car service company that can meet your requirements for your desired wedding transportation. Consider your wedding theme for your bride’s car which will also be the carriage that will whisk you off after your wedding. You need to know how many you have in your wedding party and discuss with your bride if you still need to provide transportation for them or if they have their private vehicles to use. The fun part is you can decorate your bridal car with your groomsmen.

8.   Arrange the lodging of out-of-town guests and wedding party

If family and friends are coming over from out of the country, you can help your bride a great deal by seeing to it they will all be well accommodated. Book them in a hotel near your wedding venue to make it convenient for them. Assist them upon their arrival and be sure to invite them on your rehearsal dinner to welcome them as well in town. Be sure also that your wedding party is housed together on your wedding day so you can be prompt with the ceremony.

9. Take care of the papers and the fees

This mainly concerns the marriage license and the other legal works necessary for you to get formally married. See to it that you accomplish all you need to comply to make sure that everything is official and documented. You can request your best man to handle the fees for the wedding officiate, car rental, and other payables so that you are not preoccupied on your wedding day and be able to enjoy it with your bride completely.

10. Help her in every way you can

That is the most important duty you have. Don’t consider yourself done as soon as you’ve ticked off all your duties on your list. Instead, check on her and see what other things you can help her with. Maybe she just needs you to listen to her ideas and the progress of the preparation then so be it. Be a listening ear for her. Stay proactive all throughout the process and be generous with your inputs as she will appreciate them more than you know.

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