Beautiful Flowers for Your Big Day

Flowers are one of the highlights in any wedding. They are often the first things that guests will notice and will remember from the event. You can make your wedding extra special through the flowers that you choose to decorate your venue. Here are some tips on how to get the blooms that will dazzle you and your guest on your wedding.


1.   Look at Different Varieties

While it is good to know exactly what flowers you want, it won’t help if you set your heart on just one variety. You need to be open-minded and consider other varieties in case the kind you want turn out to be out of season. Any good florist should be able to give you a range of alternatives. To be better prepared, list down the kinds of flowers you want as well as the features you love about those flowers.

2.   Find a Florist

Book your florist six to 12 months before your wedding to avoid hassles. It will also help if you choose a florist who can provide all types of floral décor for your venue as this will spare you from contracting different vendors just for your venue decoration. Also, having one supplier for the entire set up will be more budget-friendly. Lastly, professional experience counts a lot so choose a florist who already has experience decorating your wedding venue.


3.   Gather Your Ideas

It will be a lot easier if you do some preparations before you meet with your florist. Begin by finding pictures of floral arrangements online or from magazines that you can show your florist. By having an inspiration on how your floral arrangements will look, your florist will also be able to give you a more accurate price quote based on the labor needed to recreate the design you like.

4.   Know How Much Space You Have

Aside from showing your florist pictures of floral centerpieces and other venue décor, present a photo of your venues both for the ceremony and the reception. This way your florist can suggest how to decorate the area. However, don’t let your florist talk you into putting flowers in every nook and cranny of the place. Mention that you are working on a budget and that a minimal set up but with an impact is preferred.


5.   Work with Your Budget

There is no need to go over your budget just to get beautiful floral venue décor. Instead, you can minimize labor cost by simplifying your design ideas. Keep to simple but elegant designs. Avoid difficult setups, such as railings, gateways, arches and canopies, that will take more time and manpower to create. Use blooms that are in season to reduce your cost and use the same floral arrangements for the ceremony and reception. Just make sure that these arrangements can be transported safely after the ceremony to your reception area.

6.   Size, Color, and Durability

Consider the size of the flowers you use in terms of where you want to place them. For centerpieces, make sure they won’t be too big or too tall to interfere with your guests’ interaction at the table. Let your florist know your color motif. Bring some color swatches so she can suggest which shades of bloom will best suit your venue. If you’re marrying at a warm or humid season, use flowers that won’t easily wilt, such as lilies, hydrangeas and sunflowers.

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