Beginner’s Guide to Wedding Videos

Because of the popularity of wedding videography in Singapore, a lot of young men and women are trying their hands at it. If you are one such aspiring individual, this guide will teach you how to shoot a wedding video like a true pro. For couples engaging a videographer, these are what you should look out for in your wedding videographer.

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1. Always remember: it’s about the couple. This is the most basic and the most important aspect of wedding videography. Center your video around the bride and groom: shoot only the things that are important to them and make all the details say something about their relationship. Oblige their requests and do your coverage using their instructions and preferences.

2. Don’t miss the important shots. Make sure to set up your cameras at locations where you can perfectly capture the highlights of the wedding, such as the bride’s walk down the aisle and the couple’s exchange of vows. Other important parts of the wedding include the couple’s walk after the ceremony, the father-and-daughter dance, and the speeches.

3. Create and follow a wedding video plan. Planning your shots is the best way to ensure a quality wedding video. Make a draft of the final output and budget your time so that you can thoroughly cover all the essential parts of the wedding. Request for a copy of the wedding program from the couple and scout the venues to get a better idea of how to shoot your video.

4. Get the important people into the video. Some of the guests will be dearer to the couple than others. Ask the couple who these people are and take more shots of them, especially their reactions and interactions with the couple. Don’t forget to include the entourage, the principal guests, and of course the parents.

5. Attend the rehearsal. The rehearsal dinner is your best chance at getting intimate shots of the couple and their families. Your “behind the scenes” footages will make the video richer and feel more personal. It’s also your chance to shoot some of the involved people for their message to the couple.

6. Work around the wedding theme. A lot of weddings in Singapore today are heavily themed, and that’s something that you have to capture as well. Take extensive shots of the wedding decorations and the venue, as well as the surrounding environment. You should also select a soundtrack that complements the style and theme of the wedding.

7. Be considerate about the other attendees. While you have an important role to play, so do others. Work with the photographer and wedding planner for the best positions and charge your cameras beforehand so that you won’t be competing for the electrical outlets. Dress in appropriate attire and in discrete colors so that you don’t distract the guests as you do your job.

8. Adjust to the circumstances. Poor lighting, bad weather conditions and malfunctioning equipment can all lower the quality of your video. Avoid this by ensuring that all lights in the area are in working order and by bringing as many spares as you can. Other people may also ruin your shots by accidentally bumping into you or walking into your frame. Just keep shooting and edit the shots later.

9. Edit your video like a pro. Editing is not about putting flashes and other gimmicky effects into the video, it’s about getting the right parts, putting them together and adding a few effects so that the final product embodies the atmosphere of the wedding and the emotions in it. You can learn more about video editing by watching the works of professional wedding videographers.

10. Give it a personal touch. While there remains a strong demand for wedding videography in Singapore, there are already a lot of videographers out there. In order to get noticed, you need to give your wedding video – and the succeeding videos after it – a style that is distinctly your own while still making the video wholly about your clients. And with enough talent, constant learning and perseverance, you’ll be a real pro in no time.

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