Best Tips for Good Wedding Videography

Looking for a wedding videographer? It could be quite hard to make the right choice when you have a sea of options. If you’re ready to choose yours, here are some great tips on choosing the right man to capture your wedding on video.


1) Clear Images

No one likes blurry videos. A good videographer will strive to minimize motion blur when possible, as well as utilize good lighting when available. As far as possible, lighting should not be too dim or harsh, as either one would make the overall quality of the video poor.

2) Sprinkle of Transitions

When the video shifts from one scene to another, a special effect is usually employed to make the transition smoother. However, a professionally-made video should not have too many effects as it can be distracting and make the video look cluttered. Keeping things simple and cutting down on unnecessary effect will make the viewing experience much more pleasant.

3) Chemistry: The Right Formula

When choosing your wedding videographer, it is important to note his personality. While some say that a videographer’s personality is independent of his skills, you have to remember that the videographer’s camera will be following you throughout the stressful wedding day!

Having a great wedding video doesn’t just require having a technically proficient videographer; you must find him pleasant to work with. Unless you feel good about your videographer, your movements and even your expressions will appear stilted on your wedding video. Remember, your emotions will show on camera, so choose someone you are comfortable with!

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