Bridal Beauty Guide: 8 Wedding No-No’s

To be at your most beautiful on your wedding day, you’ll have to follow a handful of beauty tips, as well as avoid certain kinds of beautification methods. Here are eight things brides-to-be shouldn’t do prior to and on the day of their wedding.

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1.  Having your first bikini wax just before the wedding. Your very first bikini wax will be quite painful and can cause your skin to become irritated. And while a waxed bikini line may be a turn on for your soon-to-be husband, it won’t do you much good if you’ll be in pain every time it get’s touched. To be safe, get your first wax three months before the wedding and then your second a month before.

2.  Changing old beauty and hygiene habits. If you’ve been using the same facial cleanser and fabric softener, or even the same birth control pills for years, you shouldn’t change them while you’re nearing your wedding day. Using new beauty and hygiene products can trigger an allergic reaction, which can greatly affect your look – something best avoided as your wedding day gets nearer.

3.  Getting a tan. What a disaster it would be to have a beautiful, perfect white wedding dress and a skin that’s been turned red from sunburn! That’s the risk you’re running if you get a tan just weeks before your wedding. A bad tan isn’t something you can hide and it will look bad both in person and in photographs.

4.  Eating anything with too much sodium. Sodium can hold as much as fifty times its weight in water. So if you intend to shed off some pounds, simply cutting down your sodium consumption can give you great results. Understandably, this can be a little harder for brides in Singapore, where the food in public food complexes and restaurants are normally quite salty.

5.  Getting any major cosmetic treatments. Most cosmetic and aesthetics clinics in Singapore recommend that brides have all their treatments (like facials, hair cut and coloring, etc.) done about a week before the wedding. This will give you time to grow into your new look – with the effect being noticeable but not too dramatic – and will leave you enough time to make small but essential corrections.

6.  Coming to your wedding unprepared.  It’s important that you come to the wedding venue with an “emergency kit” to best prepare for any on-the-spot mending and beautification. Your kit should contain makeup for simple touch-ups, safety pins, blotting paper, scissors, nail clippers, napkins, mints, bobby pins, and anything else that you might need. Your maid of honor should assist you with this.

7.  Eating or drinking anything dark. Dark drinks like red wine and dark foods like chocolate can stain your teeth, which can run your smile and can be horribly embarrassing when captured on photo. Of course, in Singapore wedding receptions will always have food and liquor and you may have to take a bite or a swig of something hard. If so, just make sure to carefully check your teeth again.

8.  Crying your makeup away. You will inevitably have at least one cry-inducing moment in your wedding, but as much as you may want to weep, do keep your tears to a minimum and your face perfectly made up. When you cry, hold a tissue at the sides of your eyes and let the tears flow to it to avoid damaging your mascara and lashes. This way you can express your emotions while staying beautiful.

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