Bridal Fitness: 4 DONT’s in Preparing for Your Wedding

The months before your wedding is probably going to be the time when you will be working out your hardest. With such a big motivation as looking great on your wedding, you’ll find it easier to get rolling – or not. If you find that your big day falls short in pushing you to firm up those thighs and abs, then be more specific with your motivation. For example, think of how you want that garter to look on your thigh as your groom removes it.

With a strong motivation, you can move further in your workout and be the best looking bride you can be. And to keep your fitness regimen up, make sure to avoid these four common weight loss mistakes:


1.   Don’t Crash Diet

You already know it’s not the right way to go, so don’t even bother trying it. Just don’t. A crash diet will just weaken your metabolism, which means that the moment you get hungry and eat more than your imposed minimal amount, your body will not be able to efficiently burn the calories. Eating less than what your body needs will also deteriorate your immunity, and thus make you prone to getting sick. All in all, crash diet will probably just make you miserable and haggard when you walk down the aisle.

2.   Don’t Eat Beyond 6 PM

Why? Because there isn’t enough physical activity left for you to do beyond six o’clock in the evening. Therefore if you eat, you’d be sparing calories from burning. It’s best to eat heavy breakfast and lunch or have light meals with snacks in between big meals to keep yourself from getting hungry at night. It is a simple diet that makes sense on your food intake in relation to the time of day and the amount of activity you do. If you’re working out at night after work, have a healthy snack before exercise. Drink lots of water or fresh fruit juice before working out and while you’re on the diet.

3.   Don’t Focus on Just One Region

Working on your arms and abdomen shouldn’t mean neglecting to work out your lower body. It is always best to have a full body workout routine for fitness that is well rounded. To sculpt your body evenly, it is best to tone your muscles all over. You can focus on a certain area of your body that you feel needs more toning, but don’t just work on that area alone. Your workout need not be heavy on weights. Simply lifting 5 pounds can already tone your arms and doing lunges can have a significant impact on your thighs as long as you do it frequently and consistently. Working out is all about frequency and consistency.


4.   Don’t Lose Your Momentum

Keep yourself motivated to maintain your exercise routine. It is even better to challenge yourself by increasing your reps, lengthening the time for your cardio, and perhaps adding a pound or two to your weights. Just always be sensitive to the limits of your body and don’t push too much or you’ll risk getting injured. As an additional tip: exercise regimens are better followed when you do it with a partner – so see if you can get your groom-to-be to work out with you.

Another way of maintaining or improving your momentum is by making your workout fun and interactive. Invite a friend to join you for a workout. Having a companion who is equally or even more motivated than you are is definitely a big help. Or you can also listen to your favorite dance music while jogging to keep you going.

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