Bridal Fitness: 5 DO’s of Preparing for Your Wedding

Of course, you want to look and feel your best on your wedding day. But no amount of style and frills on your dress can give you that if you’re not in the shape you want. It is only with proper diet and exercise that you can look wonderful and feel great on your wedding. That is a tried and tested technique – a surefire way of bringing out the awesome body you have.

Here are five things to do for your pre-wedding workout plan.


1.   Do make time in your personal schedule

Before you begin exercising, you need to commit to it and in order to do that, make some time to squeeze in a few minutes of workout in your daily routine. You have an advantage if you’ve always been working out or have started exercising as soon as you got engaged. That lessens the work that needs to be done. Otherwise, have a period of at least 4 weeks for your workout program.

Signing up for a membership in a gym and incorporating some exercise in your daily routine at home or at work are other effective ways of getting in shape in a short span of time. Be realistic in your choice of workout program and participate only in one that you can accomplish within the time period that you have before your wedding.

2.   Do eat in proportion to your physical activity

Consider your workout routine and your daily activities in determining the right amount of food you need to take. Don’t eat less than your needed energy to burn to keep up with your physical workout or else you won’t have the stamina to complete your workout reps.

Don’t skip meals: instead, reduce their portion size and have some snacks in between main meals. You can eat from a saucer-sized plate to help you do that. Limit your diet to fish or lean meats with whole grains or brown rice or brown pasta, and make sure to have some fruits and vegetables, beans, and low-fat dairy. Snack on crackers, baby carrots and corn in between meals so that you’d be less hungry during meal time.

3.   Do incorporate it in your daily activities

Find opportunities to burn calories and strengthen your muscles in your daily activities. For instance, instead of taking the elevator to the office, take the stairs. Or to improve your posture, don’t slouch while seated at your desk and contract your abdomen to strengthen your core. Take every chance you get to walk and walk some more. During lunch break squeeze in a few minutes of walking up and down the stairs if you dare or even take a brief walk outside the office.


4.   Do cardio at least 30 minutes a day

This is where you’re effort to make time for your workout is put to the test. If you can’t have it daily then at least have a jog or brisk walk four times a week for at least 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the more time you spend for your cardio the better it is for weight loss. You can run before going to work or late in the afternoon to early evening after work. If you can walk to work then it should be a great addition to your daily cardio. Your cardio routine works best with weight training, yoga, or pilates.

5.   Do some abdominal workout before sleeping

Just before you turn off the lights and doze away to dreamland, do some simple abdominal workout that will allow you to contract the muscles in that area. To lessen the load on your spine, you can avoid crunches by extending both legs to a 90 degree angle from your torso. Keep the knees from bending and flex your feet. Then you raise your upper body off the floor with your arms stretched forward and hold this pose for a few seconds to contract your abs. Don’t forget to breathe properly by making your exhalation longer than your inhalation.

There are more ways to make a workout work for you and sculpt yourself a svelte physique in that beautiful dress on your big day. For more fitness tips, read “Bridal Fitness: 4 DONT’s in Preparing for Your Wedding”.

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