Bridal Makeup 101: How to Get a Flawless Look

As one of the biggest events in your life, your wedding is a time when you absolutely have to look your best—that’s the number one rule of bridal makeup. And to fully enhance your natural beauty, it’s important to know what your biggest assets and which features is best to highlight.


Whether you are doing your own makeup or hiring a professional artist, you need to have the basic knowledge on makeup application and how to use it to make yourself look naturally beautiful. Here are the pointers on how to use makeup to achieve a look that is natural but strikingly beautiful.


A clear and vibrant skin is the ultimate way to looking radiant on your wedding. Whatever the state of your skin, you need to use the right shade of concealer and foundation for your skin color. Know your skin color and find the right shade for you, which should only be a tone darker. Avoid foundation that has a pink tone as it doesn’t blend naturally with any skin color. Opt for yellow tones for a more natural look. Also, try out different kinds of foundation (cream, stick, liquid, and powder) to know which goes best with your skin type. If you have oily skin, opt for liquid or powder foundation.


Smoky and cat eyes in different shades and shapes are gaining more popularity these days. Whichever type of smoky or cat eyes you prefer, make sure it goes well with the shape of your eyes. If you want some color on your lids, it’s best to use earth colors like shades of brown so that it emphasizes your eyes but will not take all the attention. Dark eye makeup can make you look old so remember to take it one notch down. You can use a simple black liner and waterproof mascara to define your eyes and create a minimalist look but with an impact.



If you have full lips and you love them just the way they are, then flaunt them by wearing the classic red lipstick. Just remember to tone down your eye makeup if you are using a dark colored lipstick. Otherwise, you can go for beige or pale lips for a simpler look. If you want to look younger, go for a pink or coral shade of lip color. Use a lip liner to contour your lips and a gloss to make them look fuller. But if you want a subtle look for your lips, use a light shade of matte lipstick. Keep in mind that your lip and eye makeup should complement each other. One should be lighter than the other to keep you from looking like you’re wearing too much makeup.


Don’t forget about your cheeks! Putting on the right shade of blush with the right stroke is crucial to giving your face a contoured look.  Use a bronzer for the creases of your cheekbones to bring them out. Put some sheen on top of your cheekbones, below the corner of your eyebrows, on the area between your eyebrows, on your nose bridge, and your chin for some highlights that will keep your face from looking flat on photos. Reminder: don’t overdo your blush, bronzer, or highlights as they can make you look swollen.

These are only the basics, but practicing them can bring out your natural beauty on your wedding day. Instead of hearing your guests say “I love your makeup!” let them say “You look beautiful!”

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