Bridal Makeup: Your Glam Look for a Night to Remember

On your wedding day, you’ll want to look good not only for your groom and your guests, but for your own self. When you feel beautiful, you will shine naturally and that’s when your true beauty appears. That is a beauty you can proudly show to your family and friends and a look that you will want them to remember of you. Knowing that, make sure that your makeup is neither under- or overdone. It needs to be just right that it highlights your features without overpowering it.

There are a lot of do’s and don’ts for evening makeup but with all the demands of your wedding preparations, you only need simple tips but with significant impact on creating your bridal look. After all, makeup shouldn’t be complicated. Rather, they are tools that help you feel and look your naturally beautiful self.


Flawless Finish

The key to looking great with makeup is having flawless skin. While skin imperfections may be inevitable, you can hide them using the right base makeup, turning your skin into something like a blank canvass. However, when it comes to creating a flawless finish for an evening makeup, there’s no universal agreement regarding how thick one’s foundation should be.

Some makeup artists advise adding an extra layer to make the skin look well under artificial lights come the evening. Others, however, maintain that the same amount of foundation should be used in both day and night time. They recommend keeping the foundation light and well-blended, and just dusting it with translucent powder to lock in moisture and keep the skin from looking oily.

The best thing to do is to apply enough to conceal all blemishes and that means extra concealer or foundation only when needed. For a long-lasting effect, apply a primer. Most important of all is to even out your skin tone with proper blending. This will help you achieve a flawless face without the heavy makeup.


Go Glow!

The next thing you’ll need beside a clear and smooth skin is a glow that let’s your face attract just the right amount of light to radiate a warm look. Don’t just brush shimmer powder and bronzer on just about every area of your face. Glowing skin is never shiny!

The areas you can highlight are your cheekbones, especially the surface beneath the eyes. You can also add a light and sparking stroke of eyeshadow just beneath the brows and right at the outer corner of the eyes. Other areas include the T-zone, which are the nose bridge and the patch of forehead in between the brows. Apply with care on this area as it can easily look oily. You can also dab shimmer on your chin.

It is not a must to highlight all the areas. Keep it subtle so your face won’t look oily. Blending the shine with your foundation can also do the trick. Shimmer powder and bronzer will keep your face from looking flat when photographed. Additionally, they make you look glowing in a candlelit setting.

Define Beauty

Contouring is for defining the lines of your face to enhance its shape and add dimension or depth. Contouring your face is a complement to highlighting your features. When you contour your face, you are actually simply outlining your features: your lips, eyes, cheekbones, nose bridge, and jaw line.

For the eyes, use the eyeliner to define its shape and size. You can make it look bigger and brighter or smaller like in a sexy squint. For the lips, use a dark lip liner to define its shape and fullness. For the cheekbones, nose bridge and jaw line, a bronzer of a darker tint defines the lines so that they don’t get washed out by the flash of the camera or the artificial lights of the venue.


Let Your Eyes Sparkle

Your evening wedding is the perfect opportunity for your eyes to sparkle like they never have before. Shimmery eyeshadow will work wonders. Steer away from frosted eye makeup that has fine glitters in its powder as this will only make your eyes look shiny and not sparkling.

Let the night bring out your smoky eyes but don’t let them be covered with too much dark eye makeup that they look shadowed in your photos. Do a three-tiered eye shadow technique instead: use the medium shade as your base, the darker shade on the brim of your eyelids close to your lashes, and the lightest shade to blend the two other shades and create highlight beneath your brows. This defines your eyes without making it look too dark.

However, if you haven’t done eye makeup before and you are hesitant about how it will make you look, then just skip it! It’s better to stick to how you normally apply your eye makeup – only, this time, enhance it further by making a bolder stroke of black liner on top of your lashes and maybe adding a few strands of falsies on the outer corners.


Luscious Lips

If you want your eyes to really stand out, then apply only subtle makeup on your lips. This is a classic tip on highlighting smoky eyes. But whether you are making your lips a mere supporting feature to your eyes or the highlight of your look, you shouldn’t forego defining its shape. Use a darker lip liner to contour the outline of your lips and a lighter shade to fill the shape. Apply just enough gloss for some juicy smackers that will make your groom dazed in their lusciousness.

A tip to make your lip color stay longer is to put a sheet of tissue to serve as a filter for a dab of loose powder. The tissue also removes the excess lip color for a smoother finish. After this, you can apply a small amount of gold gloss to give your lips a gorgeous sparkle for an evening affair.

Enhance Your Natural Features

The sole purpose of your makeup should be to make you look you – that is, the best version of you on your wedding. Your makeup should not alter your features drastically that you are hardly recognizable. It should enhance your best features, highlight your assets and conceal the blemishes. This will bring out your natural beauty instead of distorting your appearance in trying to look like that bride on the magazine.

Look like the woman that he fell in love with and he won’t be able to take his teary eyes away from you, right from the moment that you walk down the aisle until the end of the night.

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