Brides and Bridesmaids- Tips to Getting in Shape Before the Big Day

A month before the big day, and you’re anxious to get in shape to look your best, especially in light of your figure-hugging dress and the numerous photos which will be taken on the wedding day ceremony. Fret not! This article serves to give a list of tips and tricks on how to achieve that toned, lean physique that has been epitomized in Kate Middleton on her wedding day!


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Getting Motivated

Before you start on any exercise regimen, it is crucial for you to get yourself hyped up and motivated about the regimen. This means spurring yourself on and visualizing your ultimate goal – to have a body in its best shape possible! To keep your drive going for that one month leading up to the big event, get a journal, and write down your goals and checklists for yourself for each day- for example, to run 5km on Monday, 6km on Tuesday and 7km on Friday. This keeps your drive going and ensures that you do not stray from your regimen. Also, visualization helps, so it might help you to post pictures of toned, sculpted bodies on your well to serve as a reminder of how you want to look like. Looking at your wedding dress also helps because you would be reminding yourself that you would want to fit into that dress effortlessly!

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Getting Disciplined

Secondly, plan out a regimen for yourself for the one month leading up to the big day. You may gradually increase your workout’s intensity in the second or third week. Remember to pair cardio-based exercises with some weight training for the best calorie-burning results. Cardio-based exercises help to burn fat, while weight training exercises build muscles and keep your muscles toned and sculpted. With weight training, the fat burning process continues even after you stop exercising, thus increasing your overall metabolic rate. Try using an exercise ball to liven up your workouts!

Getting A Coach

Thirdly, if you would like exercises tailored to your particular body shape, or exercises that are tailored to you individually, you should engage a personal coach for the remaining time you have until your wedding day. A coach has the relevant knowledge of various exercises that target your problem areas, thus helping you get in shape quicker! If necessary, join a gym club, where people of similar goals serve to inspire and motivate you closer to achieving your desired body shape. They could also share tips and tricks with you.

Varying Your Workouts

Fourth, a typical mistake many people make is sticking to the same workout over and over again. This is a mistake because when put in a routinary, comfortable zone, you are not challenging it. Over time, the results of your exercise will become less and less noticeable. It is important to keep workouts varied- for example, instead of hitting the gym, why not ice-skate or roller blade? This keeps the fun factor in your workout regime too, allowing you to further enjoy your workouts.

A good exercise regimen can go a long way in helping you attain your desired body shape on your big day. Do adhere to the above tips and tricks – apart from helping you look good in your wedding gown, it would also make you healthier. Keep running faster, lift heavier weights and don’t stop striving for your desired body shape. Remember to keep visualizing your goal weight and couple your exercise regimen with a healthy diet. A general rule of thumb is to keep your workouts fun and exciting – this will give you an incentive to continue your workouts. Lastly, remember to couple this exercise regimen with a healthy diet full of protein, fresh greens and healthy carbohydrates!

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