Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring on a Budget

While you would want nothing but the most beautiful diamond engagement ring for your future wife, you really should only buy one that you can afford. Luckily, there are ways you can buy the perfect engagement ring without straining your whole wedding budget. Here’s how:

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Know how much you can spend

The convention goes that the price of your engagement ring should be somewhere close to two months’ worth of your salary. But while that’s a good starting point, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. If you plan to hold a lavish wedding or if you’d like to use your savings for something else in the future, then it’s completely alright to buy something more affordable as long as it’s still of good quality and value.

Forget eternity rings

It’s simple math: more diamonds means higher price. And among ring styles, the eternity ring has, by far, the most number of gems as the whole ring is studded with it. But if you really want more than just one diamond, then consider getting a ring with side stones (has some additional stones around the band) or a three-stone ring (has one prominent diamond with two smaller stones on the side). Simply visit any jewelry shop in Singapore to check what other options you have.

Choose prong over bezel

There are two common ways a diamond is set on a ring: prong or claw (where three or more metal “hooks” from the base hold the gemstone in place) and bezel (where a piece of metal partially or completely holds the gemstone in place). As less metal is used in a prong setting, it will reduce the price of the ring.

Pick an emerald cut diamond

While there’s a small disadvantage to an emerald cut diamond, you can get a lot more for your money with this type of cut. As the emerald cut has fewer facets, it means that it won’t sparkle as much (compared to a marquise or cushion cut, for example), but it also means that the diamond appears larger and actually covers more surface area. Additionally, it’s a classic cut, so your ring will always remain in-style.

Buy your rings as a set

Visit different jewelry shops in Singapore and look for one that offers a discount if you buy the engagement ring and the wedding ring at the same time. Also make sure to inquire whether you can buy your own wedding band there as part of the deal as this too could slash off some of the total price.

Buy a lab created diamond

Diamonds created in laboratories have the same chemical composition and physical properties as naturally-occurring mined diamonds, but they are sold considerably cheaper because of its automated process. Additionally, laboratory-made diamonds come in different hues (a popular trend in Hollywood today). When you shop, ask the source of the diamond you intend to buy as lab-made diamonds may not be sold in all jewelry shops in Singapore.

Adorn your main diamond

If you think a solitaire ring isn’t impressive enough, but an eternity ring is just too much, then a halo diamond ring is your best option. In this setting, the central large diamond is surrounded by small diamonds, making it appear bigger and adding more to its glitz. In Singapore, the halo style diamond ring is making a comeback as more people are appreciating its impressive carat weight as well as its classical design.

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