Cars Fit for a Vintage-Themed Wedding

Vintage items appeal to us for their qualities of being classic, enduring and valuable – the same qualities that married couples would love to become after many years of being together. This, perhaps, is one of the reasons why a vintage-themed wedding remains a popular prospect for bridal couples in Singapore, a country that pays high regard for marriage.

However, the inherent value of truly vintage items and properties may hinder couples from actually having this theme for their wedding theme. (Vintage cars alone can cost a lot, even those offered for rent.) The good thing is, there are alternative cars that bridal couples can use to push through with a vintage-themed wedding.


Alternative to Vintage Cars for Rent

An old-timey minibus can be used as an alternative to a posh vintage car. A minibus looks groovy and fun, and can accommodate the entire bridal entourage, especially if it’s a double-decker. Minibuses don’t need a lot of adornments as it looks just fine with minimal décor. Note though that it could be a little difficult finding a minibus in Singapore. So it pays to start looking for one a month before the wedding date.

A rustic pick-up truck may also do the job, especially when the bridal couple would like to achieve a rustic, charming effect. Pick-up trucks also have a huge capacity, which means it can also be used to carry some wedding necessities and supplies.


Bicycles and pedicabs can also be considered for a vintage-themed wedding. They may be cheap but it won’t be a problem for a creative vehicle designer. Take inspiration from how the men behind MTV’s Pimp My Ride show transformed an old, rusty vehicle (or its parts) into the hottest ride on the street.

Another alternative car type that can be used for a vintage-themed wedding is a limousine. It may not have that aged look like that rusty pick-up truck, but it can still fit for a wedding with a vintage theme. The limousine is one of the most widely available wedding cars for rent in Singapore, which means couples will not have a hard time looking for one.

Some Reasons Bridal Couples Love a Vintage Car

A vintage wedding car is alluring for its distinctive character. Vintage cars look effortlessly classy and full of character – qualities that will surely look fantastic in wedding photos. Most of them are also intricately designed, giving couples more possibilities for adorning the car. A minimalist décor will work just as fine, though.


Some couples choose vintage cars for their wedding for its personal significance. For example, it could be that the groom came from a family of vintage item collectors. Or, it could be that the father of the bride used to drive a vintage car. In this case, the choice tells a piece of story about the family’s history and lifestyle.

Lastly, riding in a vintage car is not something people can do every day. As such, it adds an element of uniqueness to the wedding experience.

A vintage car is indeed no ordinary car. It’s timeless and distinctive – qualities that bridal couples would love to imbue to their wedding. Couples should remember though that it’s not solely the cost that make vintage cars valuable.

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