Checklist for Grooms

You bought the ring, popped the big question, your girlfriend said yes to your proposal, and now you think it will all fall into place while you wait for your wedding day right? That may be so, but as the groom, the best way to keep your bride to be happy is to be involved with the wedding preparations and process. Below are some tips you can think of.

Groom Signing

Offer some Ideas and Opinions

This is about you and your bride to be, so make sure to take part in the planning. Choose some of the things that you think you are good at. When it comes to picking flowers for bouquet or any of the little details, leave it to your partner, but offer your opinions on the bigger things in mind; your fiancé will know she’s not alone in this wedding and will appreciate your help. Besides it will prep you for the big day beforehand. If she seems really busy and having a bad mood most of the time, it’s a sign that you have to help her with the burden.

Take Joy in Your Wedding Registry

There is no doubt that it may seem like a burden task, but consider this: You will have the pleasure of going to stores to check out the things someone will probably buy for you for your wedding. Nowadays, it is very common to look beyond the kitchen for shopping. Consider electronic equipments, general goods or even apparels. Took a liking to that big TV but can’t bear to fork out yourself? Try putting it on your wedding registry and you might find a big surprise.

Do Not Compromise Every Time

So your fiancé wants to have a yellow comforter with some decoration like pink flowers, and you probably don’t want to hide it every time your buddies come over to your house. Consider having a talk with your fiancé and tell her that you love the color, but perhaps to do away with the floral patterns and select another style. This will not only make her feel you respect her, but also to boost a little of your integrity.

Time Off for Her

When your fiancé is doing most of the wedding planning and preparation, chances are she will be occupied and stressed out. You do not want her to feel a grudge for you for not helping her by the time the wedding day arrives. Pamper her by giving a night to relax, doing the cooking and dishes for her. Rent a favorite movie of hers and let her knows you mean a lot to her.

Effective Mediation

When your mom is an opinionated and vocal person and is always telling your fiancé what to do with the wedding, there will be a risk of a conflict of interest with you being the mediator. It is important to let your mom know that while her interest and concern is much appreciated, she needs to know it’s a wedding that belongs to you and your fiancé and she needs to respect the decisions made without her. Take the responsibility to ensure that your family is well aware of that so you can have one less worry to be concerned about.

Be a Romantic Groom

On the big day of your wedding, it is always good to send her a gift like flowers or a sweet card for her to read while she’s preparing for the day. Even better, consider making a video for her to see with you telling her how much she means to you. Without much doubt, she will love you all the more!

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