Chinese Wedding Taboos

According to Chinese tradition and beliefs, there are certain things which should never be conducted or done during a Chinese wedding. This article serves to illuminate a list of taboos that one should avoid at all costs in order to ensure a smooth sailing, auspicious Chinese wedding. As a guest and as a host, both need to take heed not to conduct such taboos.

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Avoid Attending Inauspicious Events

Firstly, the bride and groom must both take note not to attend inauspicious events for a period of three months before or after the actual wedding event. Examples of such events include visiting a heavily pregnant woman before childbirth, attending another wedding ceremony or attending a funeral procession. These activities are said to invite bad luck. However, if for example, a parent passes away before the wedding ceremony is held, the wedding ceremony would have to be held within a hundred days of the death, or they would have to wait three years before the wedding ceremony could be held.

Installation Of Bridal Bed

Secondly, the bridal bed, upon installation, should not be tempered with. Bad luck would be ushered in if someone were to sit or sleep on the bed. However, there is a certain exception. Should the groom need to sleep on the bed for some reason, he must be accompanied by a young boy born particularly in the year of the dragon. This precaution serves to ensure that the bride’s portion of the bed is occupied and no curse can be planted to hurt the couple’s welfare.

Avoid Meeting Other Brides

Thirdly, bad luck would be invited if the bride meets another bride on her wedding day itself. However, this bad luck is reversible. The matchmakers would dispel the bad luck by exchanging red packets.

Avoid Horoscope Clashes

Fourthly, if a person has a particular horoscope that clashes or runs contrary to the wedding date itself, the person will be barred from attending the wedding. Most Chinese take very strong notice of horoscope signs when planning a wedding date, so as to ensure that the event would be as auspicious as possible.

Avoid Clashing With The Bride’s Luck

Fifth, upon the bride’s arrival to the groom’s home, it is a customary practice for those in the groom’s house to hide, thus avoiding seeing her. They can come out only after the bride has made her way into the bridal room. Moreover, when she makes her way into the groom’s house, she should never step on his shoe as it is representative of humiliating him. Also, if a roast pig is served during the bride’s home visit, careful attention must be taken not to break off the tail or ears of the roast pig, as this implies that the bride is not a pure virgin.

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