Choosing a Wedding Theme Idea

As with every wedding, it is of utmost importance to decide on the theme of the wedding. This not only aids in your decision making but also ensure you do not regret in future. Here is how you can start planning out your perfect wedding theme.

Bride and Knight

Envision Your Dream Wedding

Before you start getting busy and dive straight into planning your dream wedding, have a quiet moment with your spouse-to-be. Sit down at a quiet spot, away from all your family and friends, and ask yourself how to you want your wedding to be like?

Some questions to ask yourself and your intended when planning a wedding is this, “what do we want our wedding to be like?” When you think of weddings, what do you see? For some, they see white in the midst of a garden. These are ideas that will allow you to lay a solid foundation of what your wedding will be like. In addition, having these ideas at the back of your head will ease decision making.

Add a Unique Factor: Something Special to Both You and Your Spouse-to-Be

When deciding a theme, it is also useful to decide in advance what makes you as a couple so special? What are some interests or hobbies that you both love? Would you like to incorporate this into your wedding theme to make your wedding unique? A couple who met during Christmas decided to have a Christmas theme on the hot sandy beach of Sentosa in July. This is what I meant by making your wedding one of a kind because the both of you are special. Some couples love Hello Kitty and may want their wedding to be Hello Kitty theme. Remember, this is YOUR wedding and it is what YOU want that counts!

Ideas for the Theme

• A seasonal wedding – In a one-season country like Singapore, it is a novel concept to set a season as your wedding theme – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This theme also helps you in deciding colours, design of wedding cards and even decoration of location!

• A Disney wedding – this is guaranteed to be a whole different wedding, depending on how you do it. Imagine how romantic it is to dress up as a Princess and Prince from Disney! Get your guest to dress as a Disney character as well!

• A cartoon wedding – speaking of Disney, if you are up for a more adventurous and out of this world wedding, go for cartoon wedding! Perhaps a comic or cartoon that you and your partner both reminisce from your childhoods. If you want to surprise your guests and look back and laugh at how much fun you had, this is a daring one to try!

• A sports wedding – there are quite a number of couples who met each other through a sport. Why not solemnise your wedding in the badminton court you both met? After all, it is not about others but you and your spouse!

There are just too many themes to name them all here. However, use your creativity and think of something that will make your wedding an unforgettable one. This is ultimately a celebration of your love, so do as you please! Whatever you choose as a theme, it should be the best theme for the both of you!

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