Choosing The Right Bridal Jewellery

1. Pay attention to the colours

The first step to take if you want to find the most suitable jewelry is to pay attention to the colour of your dress and what colours of jewelry will match with gown. If your gown is pure white, avoid gold jewelry as it will contrast with your gown. Instead, match your gown with baby pink pearls or even platinum necklaces that are “softer” and less loud. You will then be able to look gentle and demure while appearing to be pure at the same time. On the other hand, if your dress takes the shade of diamond-white then go ahead and get gold embellishments. In addition, this shade of white goes well with silver as well! If you would like to experiment with the eventual effect that you want to exude as a bride, you might want to try accessorizing with rose gold or even pearls! Now say that you are a great fan of gold jewelry, and you want to adorn yourself with gold and gold only. You are in luck if you have chosen an ivory coloured gown! For this tint of white or pale yellow, allows you to do so! In fact, gold goes best with this hue as it will bring forth the creamy iridescence of your gown!

2. Find something that suits your neckline

Whether you have chosen a gown that possesses a tinge of vintage, or picked out a slinky dress that people would regard as modern, suitable accessories to accompany your trapping would definitely push you into the limelight even more on your very special night. However, in the process of doing so, it is very important to understand which accessories can help hide your less pleasant features but brings out the best in you. If you have very prominent collar-bones and you are after the classy look, match your already classy dress with a thin silver necklace that cascades down your chest and ends just above your dress. Additionally, you can opt to go for large chandelier-like earrings instead of just the necklace. However, if you do not have prominent collar-bones, you can still match your outfit with sleek silver earrings. Just avoid large pink pearls. If you really want to look prosperous and exude an air of wealth, then relive the 1920s by putting on some feather barrettes without looking overdressed for the occasion.

3. Personalise the accessories

While you are to look your best on your wedding, sometimes to make it memorable (we all want our weddings to be memorable, don’t we?) you just have to do away with the customary Dos and Don’ts and be bold in order to create your own unique wedding instead of going with the flow. Say, you are an absolute fan of Mickey Mouse. To make your love for this cartoon character known, opt for a pair of cute and uniquely you Mickey Mouse earrings with a necklace that has a Mickey Mouse pendant instead of the usual precious metals. Who knows? In 20 years time, you might still be remembered as the “Mickey Mouse Bride”! Be bold to show what you love on your wedding (other than your Hubby, of course!) because this is the only time most people are going to receive undivided attention from such a large audience!

4. When all else fails, fall back on the fundamentals

Still clueless after reading a gazillion articles on this topic? Well, we have one last foolproof advice for you. It is no secret that a girl’s best friend is diamonds. That’s generalizing but you get the idea. So, our advice is: when all else fails just stick to a pair of diamond drop earrings (not to huge though, you would not want to appear to be showy) and dress up your neck with a strand of medium sized pearls or a diamond (again!) pendant choker!

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