Choosing The Right Time For Wedding Photos

For great photos of your wedding day, timing is of the essence. Here are some tips to make your wedding photos look as natural as possible.

bride celebrating

Capture the happenings of the big day, at the same time keeping your loved ones with you. Looking at the camera while taking a photo might be appropriate and the right thing to do, and you can have the right expressions you want. This makes everything artificial and more fictional. However, if you pay less attention to the camera, your photographer might be able to get some good natural shots without having the need to request you to smile. You can be laughing with someone or quarreling with your loved one (who knows?), and all this is a natural part of life. However, remember that this is not a funeral. You don’t want to see your guests in the photos to look sad and gloomy. That is why you must remind them to smile (if they’re not smiling) so that they can be captured as naturally and as beautifully as possible.

Timing is everything, which is why you need to be at the right place, at the right time. Skipping your engagement session is a very bad thing to do. Why? Because at engagement sessions, brides and grooms get to rehearse or practice on how to have their photo taken in a fun and less serious environment. As such, your photographer might also tell you to do something funny, which demolishes the shyness and the awkward feeling when taking a fun photo. Time flies very fast, and things change very fast too. Although trends also change as fast as time flies, couples still tend to rely on them. Being fun, they don’t seem to last long. Make sure your wedding photos will last for generations for your descendants.

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