Christine and Pram – Phom Rak Khoon

Love can happen in the most unexpected of places. Who says you can’t find true love at a disco bar?

Christine and Pram
25th February 2012

Christine and Pram

Disco Light Encounters

Christine first saw Pram two years ago while he was performing at Sensation, a Thai disco. But even though it was Pram who was on stage, it was Christine who really caught his eye, and for the rest of that night he would keep on stealing glances at her and even buy drinks for her and her friends. She returned to the place a few more time. But while he was clearly smitten by her and was very nice to her, she admits that she didn’t feel any special attraction to him.

Things finally changed for her one night when one of her companions had too much to drink and started causing trouble. As soon as Pram noticed the problem, he stopped midway through his performance, jumped off the stage and went to Christine to protect her from getting harmed. It was at that moment that she saw him in a different light – it was the beginning of their romance.

Early Morning Proposal

Pram may never be able to say what exactly drove him to do it, but six months after they started dating, everything just seemed to click into place and he just knew what he wanted in the future. Coming out from work very early in the morning, he went straight to Christine’s place, looked her in the eye and asked if she would marry him.
“I was totally caught unaware!” Christine recalls.

She says that it was totally unromantic – Pram didn’t have an engagement ring or even a flower with him – but she knew that she loved him, and that she could really only give one answer to him. “Yes,” she said.

Husband in the Making

Pram made up for the sweetness he lacked on his proposal with the care he showed Christine during their pre-wedding photoshoot and the filming of their wedding video (both courtesy of Moments in 7). The shoots lasted from morning until the evening and it made Christine tired even before they finished. But Pram was always there to cheer her up and keep her energized. He arranged for everything and did his best to avoid stressing his future wife. Throughout the day he would bring her food and drinks and always made sure that she was feeling well. So even before they actually got married, Christine already knew that Pram would be a good husband to her.



A Rosy Dream Wedding

After their photoshoot and stay in Thailand, Christine and Pram flew back to Singapore to celebrate their union with their closest friends and family. The wedding dinner was held at the Changi Village Hotel banquet hall, which was decorated with the theme “Roses and Gardens”. It was a dream wedding for Christine, who was more than happy with how the evening went: the hall was filled with flowers and bubbles for their march-ins, she was beside her dashing husband, and she looked like a princess in her pink and feathery ball wedding gown.

“All my guests said that my second march-in was just like from a fairytale,” Christine says, “and they were very happy with the food and the services of the hotel staff.”

However, the best part of the night for Christine didn’t happen at the hotel, but rather at her new home. Just as she was winding down after the day’s highlights, Pram gave her a pleasant surprise with a special bubble bath with flower petals. She felt overly blessed then. Since she was a girl, she had been looking forward to her wedding day, and her husband had just given her the wedding of her dreams – and more.

Wedding Videographer and Photographer: Moments in 7

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