Classic Bridal Hairstyles You Should Check Out

There are many different hairdos a bride may sport for her big day. Options range from straight and sleek to flirty, loose curls, and each choice may be better than others based on a bride’s facial features, gown design and wedding theme. This article presents the most common bridal hairstyles and how one can achieve each look with ease.


The Sleek, Classic Twist

Firstly, the classic sleek twist, commonly donned as part of the Grecian goddess look. The steps to getting the look are as follows. Step one, dry your hair, combing it as you blow it with a hair-dryer, thus making your hair as straight as possible. If necessary, apply straightening or softening cream to make your hair smooth and silky. Step two, segment your hair into two portions, tying pigtails for each segment, starting from your temples. When you reach the lower portion of your neck, twist your hair tightly. Secure your hair onto your head using bobby pins. Lastly, spray your head with a light mist.


Smooth, Feminine Curls

Secondly, smooth curls- a popular feminine look that most brides would love to don. In order to achieve this look, wash your hair first. Then, dry it with a hair-dryer, at the same time, curl your hair with a curling brush. Add a thin layer of wax on your fingers, and put your hair onto one side of your shoulder. Make sure your hair stays soft and loose. On that side of your shoulder, portion out a 3 inch amount of hair from near your temples, and curl it upwards. Secure it with bobby-pins and wax or gel if necessary. Finally, use a brush to brush your hair, keeping it loose and flowy.


Sleek and Straight

Thirdly, the sleek, straight hairdo. Donned by Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscar Awards, a straight hairdo is simple, classic and chic. Step one, apply a layer of straightening cream onto your hair, smoothening it out with a brush, combing your hair straight. Secondly, partition your hair into segments, and for each segment of hair, straighten it with a straightening iron. Make sure you keep the iron away from your scalp as it is very hot. Lastly, part your hair on the side, and comb your hair straight once again, this time adding gel or wax to any stray or baby hairs.


A Sophisticated, Elegant Chignon

Thirdly, an elegant, sophisticated chignon. This was seen by Nancy O dell during the Golden Globes awards. It adds an air of poise to the bride, allowing her to look absolutely grand on her big day. Step one, apply an anti-frizz serum onto your hair. Step two, blow-dry your hair using a brush, and start creating segments of hair. Step three, for each segment of hair, curl using a hot roller and leave it to curl for about twenty minutes before detaching the roller. The purpose of this is to create soft, loose curls, which add volume to the entire hairdo. Step four, form a low ponytail by gathering your hair, and then comb your hair gently at the top of your head, thus creating a polished look. Step five, create a low chignon by twisting your ponytail. Step six, In order to secure your hair properly, use bobby pins to pin the chignon down. For the last touch, spray your hair using a light mist.


In conclusion, there are a variety of hairdos that a bride may sport on her wedding day. The different types of hairdos are chosen based on different factors, for example, a bride may choose to sport a Grecian updo because she has an oval face, and such an updo will accentuate her sharp features. The key is to sport a hairstyle that you like!

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