Cool Vintage Wedding Ride Ideas

Here’s how to put a charming, old-timey effect on your big day using your wedding transportation

vintage car
Vintage is one of the most popular wedding themes in Singapore these days. For many couples, the appeal of a vintage wedding is its romanticism and allusion to an aged – and, therefore, lasting – love. If you’re planning to have a vintage wedding, here are wedding transport ideas you can use to match your theme.

Old-Timey Minibus. While a wedding bus can be a little difficult to find, it will be worth the effort because of its many advantages. Firstly, it’s big, which means it can accommodate your whole bridal party and probably some other guests too if it’s a double-decker. Second, minibuses just look groovy and fun, so you’ll surely enjoy your ride. Additionally, it works well with minimal décor so decorating is no longer a problem.

Rustic Pick-Up Truck. If you want your wedding to have that charming countryside effect, riding a rustic truck would be a great choice. Like minibuses, pick-up trucks also have the advantage of having a large capacity so not only can it transport your bridal party, it can also haul in some supplies and equipment too.

Limousine or Town Car. The limousine has timeless look, so although it may not look too dated it would still fit in nicely to a vintage-themed wedding. The advantage of getting a limousine is that they are fairly easy to find in Singapore and there are a lot of options, which is why limousines are very popular among brides.

Classic Vintage Cars. If you want a truly vintage and fashionable wedding ride, then your top choice is to rent an old model by Bentley, Daimler, Rolls Royce or Mercedes. While these metal beauties may be more expensive than your other choices, they are guaranteed to look awesome, practically being an attraction by themselves. Get any of these and you’ll add a stylish cool to your wedding, and get great photos to boot.

Bicycles or Pedicab. At the opposite end of the price list spectrum, you can simply choose to ride bicycles or rent a pedicab. But the rates isn’t the only advantage of this option: it’s also a great way to infuse some fun and extra sweet into the occasion and show a more unique personality.

Decorating Your Wedding Transport. Wedding car decorations haven’t really changed much, so the regular car decorations – ribbons across the hood, flower bouquets on the sides – will work well enough. But for an added vintage effect, hang a “JUST MARRIED” banner written in bold and playful font or hand-painted on a thin piece of wood. And don’t forget the trailing tin cans too!

Adding Other Vintage Effects. To heighten your theme, you will, of course, also have to decorate your wedding venue with various vintage items like antique furniture, doilies, candelabras, mason jars, and other old décor pieces and props. To complete the effect, have your bridal party don vintage outfits like floral sundresses for your bridesmaids and vest and tweed pants for your groomsmen.

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