Cost of a Wedding in Singapore

With the rising cost of living in Singapore, planning a wedding here can prove overwhelming, especially with the panoply of factors to consider. From booking a wedding venue to organizing the banquet, this article serves to elucidate the market rates or estimated costs for each factor to consider in planning a wedding. Hopefully, this will give incoming brides a benchmark for comparison when they plan their weddings, what they can rightfully expect, and how they can further budget for their weddings.


Factors to Take into Consideration

Aspects to consider when planning a wedding include: a standard wedding package, wedding bands, hiring a videographer and photographer, solemnization, a honeymoon package, a wedding banquet, and finally, purchasing the wedding bands.

Purchasing the Wedding Package

Firstly, the wedding package. Wedding packages typically entail the wedding gowns, evening gowns, pre-wedding and AD photography, some other features like bridesmaid dresses, and finally, a big photo frame. For a budget wedding, the cost of a wedding package is about $1500. A standard wedding package costs $3500, while an extravagant, opulent wedding package costs about $7000 and above.

Wedding Bands – The Centerpiece of Solemnisation

Secondly, purchasing the wedding bands. The centerpiece of exchanging vows, the wedding band can prove a large sum of money. However, there have been instances where wedding bands have cost just $500 or even less in a budget wedding. It typically includes a plain ring for the groom, and a ring with a diamond for the bride. For a typical wedding, the wedding bands cost about $2000. However, if one chooses to opt for more extravagant wedding bands, they can cost up to $10,000, even more. Such wedding bands are often custom-made.


The Solemnisation

Thirdly, the solemnization. A budget wedding would have this done at the Registry of Marriages, costing about $26. A typical wedding, however, would have this done at a beautiful little church for about $1500. For a more extravagant wedding, the solemnization itself can cost anywhere above $10,000, with the venue being Chijmes Hall.

Hiring a Videographer and Photographer

Fourthly, hiring a videographer and a photographer. A budget wedding could have the couple inviting over some videographer and photographer friends to help in the documentation, thus further cutting costs. A typical wedding, however, would hire reasonably good videographers and photographers with a budget of around $3000. For excellent quality videos and photos, hire a professional videographer and photographer with many years of experience. This could amount up to $6000. Expect the quality of the photos to be mind-blowing!

Planning the Wedding Banquet

Fifth, planning the wedding banquet. A budget wedding could have this done at just $1000, with simple caterers and a buffet style lunch, allowing close friends and family to help themselves to the food. A typical wedding banquet could cost about $100 to $500 per table, depending on the location. For example, having a standard wedding banquet at a five star hotel costs about $900 per table, while an extravagant wedding banquet (at St. Regis, for example) could cost up to $1600 per table.

Planning the Honeymoon

Finally, the honeymoon – a sweet getaway from the humdrum of Singapore life, and some private time for just the two of you. A budget honeymoon costs just $1000 for a getaway to nearby, peaceful island resorts, such as Bali or Batam. A typical honeymoon today costs about $6000; a typical example of this is a visit to Japan and its highlights like Hello Kitty Land. An extravagant honeymoon could cost $20,000 or more.

A wedding in Singapore can be affordable or extravagant. The final figure all depends on the newlywed’s budget, and the scale of the wedding that they want. While some would like their wedding to be a small affair, inviting only close family and friends, others would like this once-in-a-lifetime event to be held on a very large scale, booking tables from five-star hotels and having luxurious honeymoons. It all boils down to the newly-wed’s budget.

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