Creative Ideas for Your Save-the-Date Cards

There are so many fun creative ideas for your save-the-date cards. As the initial announcement of your wedding, they do not need to go with your theme, unlike the invitations that partly introduces your guests to the formality and motif of your wedding. And because they are not bound to a theme, there are even more possibilities on how to make them.

The tip is to use your interests as a couple to help you come up with catchy and unique save-the-date cards. Personalization is key to make any idea special to your couple’s flair. Here are some ideas inspired by various interests that you might share as a couple and they go beyond the card.

1.   Comics

If you’re both comic geeks, what would be a better idea than save-the-date comics? You can base this on your favorite comic book or even create your own. You’re in luck if one of you is an artist; otherwise hire one to render your ideas on paper. For the story, base it on how you met, the proposal, or a simplified version of your rather epic love story. You can present it on a single page ala newspaper comic strip or like an actual comic book. It will be a fun and colorful way of sharing the news to your loved ones.


2.   Bookmark

Sharing a love for reading and everyone knows it? It will make sense to have bookmarks for your save-the-dates. They are easy to make and layout all the initial announcements, easy to mail, and also quite useful especially for your fellow bookworms. You can even make a bookmark out of your photo booth picture strip and have the details printed on the back or incorporated in your photos. You can also print a quote from your favorite novel or a Bible verse as detail to your bookmark.


3.   Book Cover

You can be grand with your gesture of love for reading and create your own book cover as your save-the-date. You can use an engagement photo and layout the details, your names and the dates of course, as though it were a cover of a romantic novel or even a thriller, depending on a genre you both like. You can also base it on the cover of an edition of your favorite novel imitating the font, colors, and layout. Print the photo in an actual size of the book cover.


4.   Pencils

“Pencil in” get it? Give them the tool they need to save the date. Use a bundle of pencils held in a rubber band, with each pencil customized with a phrase or details of your wedding, arranged according to the message as your save-the-date! For example once pencil has the phrase “pencil it in” printed or engraved while another has the date of the wedding and finally have one with your names on it. You need not put all the details on the pencils of course. Just the essential information and put the rest on a separate note.


5.   Tickets

For those who love movies or music, a save-the-date ticket is a witty way to herald your wedding. Whether you go for a vintage movie tickets or a rock concert VIP ticket, the layout of the information is the trick to making it look like actual event tickets. You can even include an “ADMIT ONE” of “VIP ADMISSION” stub for a more authentic feel. With just basic knowledge of Photoshop you can DIY this wedding idea.


6.   Wedding Trailer

Go beyond the card and create a funny movie trailer for your wedding or a music video of your favorite artist or song as a couple. It will be a very entertaining way to tell your family and friends about your coming wedding. You can remake a scene from a movie and create a trailer that leads to the announcement of your wedding date. Or you can make a funny music video spoof. Upload this on YouTube and share it on Facebook so that your family and friends can easily access and enjoy the video.


7.   Movie Poster

Similar to your book cover treatment, you can also create your own version of a popular movie poster. A little Photoshop goes a long way to adapt a certain movie poster and make it your own. The idea is a spoof for a more funny and catchy effect. You can have a photo shoot looking like the characters that are in the original poster. It’s up to you on how funny you want it to be. Don’t forget to use the typical movie poster lines like “coming soon” or “open in theaters” and then your wedding date.


8.   Calendar Photo

Calendars are quite popular with save-the-dates that it has a number of variations, from a simple one-month calendar to an entire year in a fold-in strip. Another take is to have an engagement photo for the month of your wedding. The layout is similar to that of a typical picture calendar where there is a corresponding photo per month. So half the page is the calendar the other half your photo. You can mark other important events leading to your wedding on that month as well. Include holidays if any.


9.   Crossword Puzzle

Another way to show your love for words is through making your own crossword puzzle. It’s a fun interactive save-the-date in which your guests will have to answer your clues to get the detail of your wedding. You can also include other trivia about you as a couple such as the month you met. You can leave some letters for clues to help them answer the puzzle and get all the needed information. Have an answer key as well printed upside down on one corner like an actual crossword puzzle that spells out your save the date announcement while giving the answers to your puzzle.


10.   Pop-Up Cards

Like a page from a children’s fairytale book, have your photo printed and cut out to pop up in your save-the-date card. It gives a more creative presentation of your photo as a couple while announcing the event of your wedding and the date. You can also have a pop-up booklet where on one page is the date in pop up. On another, you can have your photo and finally have a pop-up of a heart with your monogram for example. This is an idea for the artistic couple that you may be.


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