Crossing Your Fingers for that Long-Awaited Proposal

For day now, you’ve been having visions of big, shiny engagement rings. All of your friends have gotten hitched and you’re the only one left without a diamond ring on your finger. During your weekly chitchats, everybody is bouncing with joy whenever pregnancies are announced or confirmed, with the mothers-to-be proudly displaying their baby bumps. And while you’re happy for them, you can’t help feel dismayed about your own situation.

And you wonder: How come you lovey hasn’t even given you your long-awaited romantic proposal?

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The Scenario

Fantasizing about the time when you finally get hitched has become your favourite past time. You fixate over each romantic detail and every news of someone else’s wedding gets you envious. But your boyfriend doesn’t seem eager to tie the proverbial knot any time soon. Every time he asks you to go on a date, you anxiously wait for that special moment when he goes down on one knee and asks you to be his partner for life. To your disappointment, all you get are kisses and hugs – no rings, no proposal, nothing.

Your boyfriend and you have been going steady for years now. You’ve met his parents and he has met yours. Both of you have stable careers and at the ripe age of marriage (and in your case, soon-to-be overripe, so you think). Your parents have even been prodding you with wedding questions even when your guy is at your side. Are they excited to give you away? Did all these side remarks scare him? You hope not. Crossing your fingers, you pray for the proposal to happen soon.

Reasons for Your Long Wait

There are different reasons why some men are reluctant to pop the big question. However, oftentimes, it’s usually because they feel a lack of security in their financial capability or emotional stability. If the problem is about finances, you’ll probably sense it easily as he might often drop hints, such as saying that weddings seem awfully expensive nowadays or that it’s hard to provide for a family. If this is the case, talk to him and make him understand that you’re more than willing to pool your resources towards your life together as husband and wife. However, if his reluctance stems from a fear of commitment, then girl, you have a much bigger problem.

When you openly show your love and willingness to take a life-changing path with a person who’s not secure about himself and his future, you might actually scare him and make him feel pressured. What you need to realize is that you are an amazing person and that there are many men out there who wish to enjoy, and may even be more deserving to have your good company. If you have invested so much of yourself on your relationship and yet your boyfriend doesn’t seem to even care about your future together, then it’s probably time to let it go and stop wasting your time. So get your message across directly and clearly: you love him but you need a lifetime commitment, and that means getting your proposal sooner rather than later.

Additionally, even if marriage may be the most important thing for you, don’t pin all your happiness on it. There are other ways you can enjoy life besides waiting for your knight in shining armour. Instead of just crossing your fingers for that long-awaited proposal, live your life to the fullest and just hope to meet that one person who you will be completely happy with.

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