Daphne and YongSheng – Wedding with a Personal Touch

Featuring Newlyweds:
Daphne, Homemaker
YongSheng, Army Officer
Wedding Date: 15 November 2011
Daph and Ys
Between Places and Across Time

Some relationships need a second chance, and some couples need time to fully appreciate the love that they have. Such was the case of Daphne and YongSheng. The two met when they were younger, but were unable to pursue their relationship because YongSheng had to leave Singapore to study in Australia. When he came back, they hooked up again and found that they still shared the same feelings.

They stayed together and as the year 2010 closed, YongSheng invited Daphne to Melbourne to welcome the New Year with her at the Yarra River. But there would be one more cause for celebration that night: while everyone was cheering for the coming of 2011 and fireworks lit the sky, YongSheng dropped to one knee, presented Daphne with a glittering ring and asked, “Will you marry me?”

Four Themes, One Love Story

Daphne and YongSheng wanted their pre-wedding photos to tell their love story and show their personalities. To do this they set up four themes that characterize the special moments and aspects of their lives. Their first theme was “Operation True Love”, which symbolizes their first meeting at the military camp. They did the second shoot, titled “Gastronomic Love Affair”, to show their mutual love for food. The third theme is called “Love and Travel”, which hints at their love story and their plans to keep travelling in the future. The last theme, aptly named “Happily Ever After”, was inspired by the couple’s love of fairy tales and happy endings. To heighten the feeling of romance, the couple employed a vintage effect and had their shoots at time-marked spots in Singapore, such as the old Seletar Camp and the railway track near Commonwealth.

A Grand but Intimate Wedding

Daphne and YongSheng wanted their wedding to be very intimate and memorable, and they carefully planned to make it so. They arranged for Daphne’s uncle to be their Justice of the Peace, and had YongSheng’s nieces and nephews escort them on one of their marches. “It was the biggest event we ever planned,” Daphne says, “There were no strangers during the wedding. It felt like a family affair.”

At the start of their solemnisation, the couple marched in to the music of Louis Armstrong’s “La vie en rose”, which already brought some of their friends to tears.

After the ceremony, they started the banquet with a unique military march-in where swordbearers only let the couple pass after completing three challenges – to drink a glass of beer, to sing and dance, and finally for the groom to carry the bride to the stage. By the end of the night, everyone had fun – the bride and groom most of all – and left the celebration in high spirits. “Overall, the wedding was a big success,” Daphne says.

A Wedding with a Personal Touch

“As it was once in a lifetime, I thought it will be meaningful for us to handmake our wedding,” Daphne says. To show how important they are to her, she personally crafted the corsages and boutonnieres for her groom, their entourage and their parents. She also compiled their pre-wedding photos into an especially-made scrapbook.

For his part, YongSheng used the goggle box from his secondary school as their ring box, while another wooden box was designed specifically for the guestbook, which Daphne also decorated. Their efforts paid well as their family and guests appreciated their creations. “They were praising our work, and told us it was meaningful for us to handmade those stuffs on our own wedding,” Daphne says, “Some guests told us that it was romantic and felt our love for each other.”

Wedding Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Singapore

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