Emergency: You Forgot the Date of Your Anniversary

Do you remember the first time you threw a glance at him and how the vision of him mesmerized you? You couldn’t help but be drawn by his charisma and sheer cool. His smile alone had you enthralled and your knees got weaker the closer you got to him. It felt like a dozen butterflies were fluttering in your stomach and your heart has never beat faster than that moment.


The Proposal

Lucky for both of you, he felt the same way about you, and the two of you spend the next few months getting to know each other more. When he finally propose that you make your relationship official, the day was so enchanting it felt like your mind was in the clouds. As overwhelming as the moment was, you remember its many details: what he wore, the way his eyes glittered before he asked you to be his girlfriend, and the oh-so-gorgeous flowers and the cute cuddle teddy bear that he gave you.

It was indeed a perfect day. You spent hours and hours until you’ve finally chosen the perfect dress to wear, your accessories were spot-on, and your make-up was impeccably done. His proposal was so romantic it made you feel excited and queasy at the same time. There were lighted candles and romantic music was playing on the background. Overall, it was perfect. You were practically the most romantic couple that day.

And yet you forgot one very important detail…

The Problem

Fast forward to almost a year later and your relationship is going well. You’re having an easy, relaxing time together and everything seems perfect until he asks you a seemingly simple question, “Honey, what are your plans for the anniversary?”

On the outside, you just give him a sly smile and a vague, teasing answer. But inside you’re starting to panic. Hundreds of thoughts come rushing to your head, all with one central problem: You CAN’T REMEMBER the date of your anniversary.

Ugh, how terrible is that?

You can remember so much about his proposal and all the beautiful details of that day, yet you forgot its very date. One of the most important dates of your life and you don’t even know when it is? Obviously, this isn’t a mistake you can just laugh about – an anniversary is a HUGE occasion for couples, especially for new ones like you.

Whatever are you going to do with this? How can you remember the date or, if not, avoid making him feel so bad for forgetting the date of your anniversary?

Looking for Clues or Coming Clean

Well, girl, it’s time to release your inner Nancy Drew and play detective for a day or two. First, check your Facebook or Twitter account and see if you’ve posted anything that would point to the date of his proposal. If there’s nothing there, check if you’ve kept any memorabilia from the day, especially receipts. (Perhaps you went out for ice cream after the dinner?) If neither of those works, you could discretely check his social media accounts, personal organizer or mobile phone for clues of your anniversary date.

If you don’t get any luck, then young lady, you’ll just have to come clean and face the consequences. But don’t just ask him as though you don’t know the date because the occasion wasn’t important to you. Make him understand that it was indeed very memorable to you, except that your mind has decided to forget the exact date for some reason. Try to be honest – honesty, after all, is the pillar of any lasting relationship – and just try to make it up to him by making your first year anniversary extra special.

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