Delectably Divine Cake Ideas For Your Wedding

As the fundamental wedding dessert, the wedding cake is going to be one of the highlights of your reception, so be sure not to undermine its importance. These days, wedding cakes don’t only come in standard designs, and with all of the options out there, you need to choose a cake that fits your theme well.

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Being able to select from a myriad of designs means you’re spoilt for choice. If you have no idea where to begin, fret not, because we’ll be bringing you ideas ranging from the classy to the quirky so you’ll know what to do. So, without further ado, here is a sampling of wedding cakes design for you to get started:

The Classic

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Ah yes, the classic round white cake. White, white and more white bodes for an unparalleled elegance, so if you’re going for a simple yet timeless and sophisticated look, then you can’t go wrong with these. The classic is the easiest type to find, and since they come in varying degrees of extravagance and a diversity of designs, there’s bound to be the perfect one for you.

Classy with a Twist

Looking for a classic design, but wish to spruce your cake up a little? Then these designs ought to do the trick – not only do they possess a subtly unique twist, they are also able to withstand the test of time:

A light lavender cake with oversized cascading roses
such as this is perfect for any floral- or spring-themed wedding.
Photo by Popsugar

For the summer- or garden-themed wedding, consider this simple cake
adorned with fruits, which will add a fresh touch to your reception,
and will definitely more eye-catching and vibrant than your standard white cake.
Photo by Grand Hyatt Singapore

This lovely, off-white square cake is the manifestation of tradition meets chic.
Photo by Popsugar

The Romantic

Your wedding is likely to be the most romantic event in your life, so why not go all out and express your everlasting love for one another in edible form? Make the most of your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with timeless, romantic designs such as these:

What better way to complete a fairytale wedding than with this Cinderella-inspired piece,
complete with a glass slipper and the quintessential fairytale ending
“and they lived happily ever after” engraved onto your cake?
In a show of pure romance, sweep your bride off her feet with this
gorgeous cake design that definitely won’t fail to make her feel like a real-life princess.
Photo by Bridal Guide

If being overtly romantic isn’t your thing, there are always other ways in which you can express your timeless, everlasting love for your significant other.

Adorned with doves, white beads and meticulously arranged flowers,
this white cake exudes a subtly romantic charm that will never age.
Photo by Popsugar

The Artistic

For the artsy-fartsy folks out there, there are cakes that can be specially designed to cater to your exquisite tastes. Aesthetically pleasing and sometimes often highly intricate, be prepared for an optical feast as we show you what cake-makers can do.

The colour mint has been increasing in popularity in recent years,
and it’s easy to see why. Combining two trendy elements –
the mint colour and ombré pattern – this cake will be a perfect fit
for any mint-colour themed wedding. If not, it still makes
for an aesthetically-pleasing piece.
Photo by Sensational Cakes Singapore

This stunning cake was designed to emulate the stained-glass windows in a church,
which greatly adds to the effect of a chapel.
Painted with vibrant, eye-catching colours and intricate patterns,
this culminates in a truly unique design that definitely won’t fail to impress any guest.
Photo by Hitched UK

The Royal

It’s your big day, so nobody’s stopping you from being as regal and extravagant as possible. Lavish your guests with some of these dazzling and opulent designs that’ll make anyone feel like royalty.

The gold, gilt, lace and oranges make such a cake
befitting for Cleopatra herself. While the cake itself is splendid,
the oranges have added an exotic and earthy touch to it,
rendering this one of our favourite designs.
Photo by Popsugar

This magenta-coloured cake with gold details
is just about the closest thing you can have to a royal wedding.
Traditionally the most regal colour combination of all,
a cake such as this is the epitome of grandeur and luxury.
Photo by The White Ombre’s Facebook page

The Fantasy

This category is for those of you who are unimpressed with the earthly and wish to have something more otherworldly instead. As with the previous categories, the possibilities are endless, but this is especially so for fantasy-themed cakes. In fact, this category of wedding cakes deserves a standalone article due to the broad nature of the category as well as the unbelievably diverse selection of designs to choose from. Below are just a handful of designs to get you started in your foray into the world of the fantastic.

If you’re headed in the Disney direction, then why not this cake,
which looks like it came straight out of a Disney princess’s wedding?
Not only do the fuchsia and lavender shades make the cake look
romantic and princess-like, the blue adds Disney vibe to it as well.
This cake could easily complement a Cinderella-, Sleeping Beauty
or even Little Mermaid-themed wedding – the colours of the
cake are reminiscent of the lagoon where
Ariel and Eric spent some romantic moments together.
Photo by Shibertys

Unleash the inner Gothic soul in you
with this candelabra-shaped cake!
The perfect piece to any fantasy-themed wedding,
this magical and strikingly glamourous design is bound to
leave a strong impression on your guests.
Photo by Hitched UK

Ahoy, matey! Fans of The Pirates of the Caribbean series
– actually or pirate fans in general – will be delighted to include
this design on board their wedding reception.
Completely edible, this cake will prove to be a striking, swashbuckling treat!
Photo by Hitched UK

This cake has it all, combining elements of the
fantastic with a sense of humour that is at once whimsical and unique.
One of the more quirky cakes we’ve seen, it was inspired
by the How to Train Your Dragon series and is sure to
delight and create an impression on guests of all ages.
Photo by Sensational Cakes Singapore

The Quirky

Often with a touch of the whimsical, this one is for the non-conformists out there who want something a little more unusual at their reception:

What better way to capture – pun fully intended –
your special day than with a Polaroid cake such as this?
Quirky and symbolic, this snappy design is more than
perfect for the occasion, especially for the photography enthusiast.
Photo by The White Ombre’s Facebook page

No, that is not a basket placed on top of a cake,
but a cake fashioned to look just like a basket.
Quirky yet modest, this design is simply perfect
for the intimate beach wedding.
Photo by Calligraphics Studio

If you’re looking at quirky, then this vintage carnival-inspired
design should do the trick. Not only do the pastel colours
bring out that nostalgic feeling, the carousel topper adds an authentic
and even whimsical touch to this lovely cake.
Photo by Hitched UK

The Adventurous

And for the more daring, outgoing and ambitious of the lot, the following designs are just for you! Note that the designs below are not for the meek or mild.

Comic-book lovers out there, this one is for you.
Bold and iconic, this design is sure to win over any fellow superhero enthusiast.
Don’t forget to have matching decorations and
Photo by Hitched UK

Athletic couples can consider this lively and fun design.
While it’s fairly simple, it’s got action and movement,
which makes it really come alive.
Photo by The White Ombre’s Facebook page

And for the couple with an insatiable wanderlust,
consider this adventure-filled design that captures your
very desire to travel the world together. This is a sweet and unique design
that effectively expresses you and your partner’s taste for adventure.
Photo by The White Ombre’s Facebook page

Now that you’ve seen so many different designs, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration or ideas on what you want your wedding cake to look like. All the best in finding your dream wedding cake, and if you need more tips in planning your wedding, fret not as Perfect Weddings will be here with you every step of the way, so simply click away for more information!

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