Dessert Ideas Beyond Wedding Cakes

Today, the wedding dessert no longer has to be all about the wedding cake. In fact, many of today’s couples in Singapore serve a number of sweet choices rather than serving just a single-flavored cake. It has become a trend to fill the nuptial meal with delectable confections that tell about the personality of the newlyweds to serve as a supplement or alternative to the traditional white wedding cake.


List Down a Few Dessert Possibilities

The fun part of planning for a dessert menu is that you have to research. List down a couple of desserts and sample each of these goods. To keep you on track in the middle of this sweet indulgence, here’s a list of guide questions to ask yourself.

Where do you usually go to hunt for sweets? Go to your favorite dessert bar and include in your menu that delectable treat you can’t help but get a bite every time you see it.

What are your much loved childhood indulgences? If most of your childhood memories are walking and playing along the seashore, you’ll probably feel nostalgic with saltwater taffy. Include it in your list and cherish your childhood memories again on your wedding day.

What’s your comfort food whenever you feel bad? Do you long for a hot fudge sundae whenever you and your partner fight? Or look for milk and cookies before sleeping at night? Any simple treat can be transformed into an amusingly delicious wedding dessert.


Skip the Wedding Cake

If you don’t feel like having a wedding cake, don’t feel obliged to have one. Many couples today have taken out the idea of serving a traditional three-tiered wedding cake, and opt for servings a variety of sweets with a small one-tiered cake for the cake cutting ceremony. Cupcakes on layered trays have become a popular alternative for wedding cakes as well. Here are other options to substitute wedding cakes.

  • Serve solo size cakes in plastic cake boxes filled with berries and cream.
  • Rent a chocolate fountain with a height that looks like a three-tiered wedding cake. However, do mind that if this is not properly manned, the chocolate indulgence could get quite messy.
  • If you don’t want to completely skip the wedding cake idea, pair it with other delectable delights. If your cake has a light and fruity flavor, pair it with richly-flavored desserts, such as black chocolate bars or hot chocolate fudge.


Decide How to Serve the Dessert

Aside from you, your desserts will also be the center of attention (at least during dessert time). Set up a table that will serve as a buffet station of confections. This is a good option, especially if you’re serving a seated meal, as the dessert station will prompt your guests to circulate a bit. Other ideas in serving the desserts are:

  • Mini Desserts on Trays – Serve the desserts like hors d’oeuvres after the meal. Or have fancy garnishes added on the dessert platter.
  • Truffle Stations – Serve varieties of chocolates individually on cordial cups. Fill the cups with complementing liqueur together with the truffles. Even a table full of a variety of enticing plated sweets can already be considered as truffle station.
  • Ice Cream Bar – Position an ice cream cart in a corner of your reception hall. Let your guests dig into your ice cream right after dinner. For a more elaborate presentation, purchase tubs of ice cream in different flavors and place it in bowls of ice. Serve variety of toppings on the side for more choices of added flavor.

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