Destination Photo Shoot? Consider These First

Creating a fun and memorable pre-wedding photo shoot is what most couples want. Getting the chance to savour the sights and sounds of exotic locations seems romantic, but don’t be swayed so easily. Make sure you know what you are getting into before signing up for a destination wedding photo shoot package!

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The Good

1. Making an Impression

There is a limited number of picturesque locations here in Singapore. This is why many pre-wedding photo shoots based in Singapore seem to share the same backdrops. Such an impression makes your expensive pre-wedding photographs forgettable, which shouldn’t be the case! Excite your guests with photographs featuring the dazzling neon lights from Tokyo or the delightful tulips in Holland.

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2. Adding Variety

Touring around creates many opportunities for picture perfect moments. You never know what you find round the corner. The excitement helps to create the mood for a more dynamic album. Even your photographer will be smiling! Your beautiful photographs are what he needs to expand his portfolio.

3. Bonding with Your Photographer

Travelling around with someone for a few days helps you learn more about them. Naturally you will start talking in-between each session or when you are travelling from place to place. Talking helps you learn more about each other. From these conversations, your photographer learn new strategies to put you at ease as you pose in front of the camera.

4. Taking a Break

Since you are already spending a lot on your prenuptial photo shoot, you might as well make it an advance honeymoon as well. That is what some couples are doing these days. As you explore, you’ll get to see the other side of their spouse-to-be and learn about his or her habits. Understanding these little things makes the transition into married life much easier.

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5. Creating Treasured Memories

The newlyweds are anxious for their friends and relatives to enjoy the special montage featuring their pre-wedding photographs, but honestly, this shouldn’t be the case. These photographs are the few mementos for you to keep, so you should enjoy reminiscing about the fun you had taking those pictures. This makes journeying overseas is worth the effort whether anyone else likes your photographs or not.

The Bad

1. Spending More

Besides paying for your own accommodations, air fare and food, couples need to set aside a small budget for transport and entrance fees. No wonder couples wanting an overseas photo shoot often end up paying three to four times more! Thankfully there are many destination wedding photo shoot packages available on the market that makes things a little cheaper.

2. Respecting the Rules

You need to be mindful that not every place allows photography. Before you start putting on the wedding gown or tux, it is be a good idea to check with your local guide or the staff. A hefty fine is not a souvenir you’d want to take home.

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3. Transporting the Dress

Shipping a wedding gown is not easy. Stains, wrinkles or tears are hard to fix once you arrived at the destination. Only two methods seem to be safest. The first involves packing the dress into a special trunk from the bridal shop then stowing it away in the overhead compartment. The second method is buying a plane ticket for the gown. Laying it out on the seat prevents the skirt getting crumpled.

4. Braving the Weather

You can never tell when it will pour or snow or hail. Seriously, when you go out into the open, you have to be prepared for the worst. Even if the weather isn’t erratic, going to a new climate means your body needs to adapt. Hence falling sick during or after the photo shoot is normal.

5. Getting No Retakes

You have to be happy with what you get. Seriously, do you want to go all the way back there with your wedding gown and tuxedo just to retake a few shots? It may not be a masterpiece, but it is far too expensive to go through the whole thing all over again.

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Destination pre-wedding photo shoots are certainly worth considering even though they can be costly and unpredictable. Many couples often come home with plenty of stories share. Whether you have good or bad experiences, you will bring back loads of stories to share.

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