DIY Table Centerpieces on a Budget (part 1)

Your table centrepieces can easily eat up a big slice of your wedding reception budget. Considering that a single flower arrangement can cost up to $100, and multiply that by the number of tables you’re having, and you’ll get a figure that’s sure to put a hole in your pocket.

By doing your own centerpieces, you can save on your expenses, and it doesn’t need to tire you out or consume your time. With just a little creativity and some time and effort to spare, you can come up with your own table centerpieces without busting your budget. Here are ideas on how to DIY your centerpieces.


Fresh Cut Flowers

For affordable floral arrangement centerpieces, choose big blooms such as peonies and cabbage roses for a fuller décor while using only minimal cut flowers. Choose colors to match your motif and place the flowers in simple ceramic pots or vases.


Floating candles in glass bowls with water is simple, yet it can effectively set a classy and romantic mood for your wedding venue. This is also very easy to prepare. You can add a succulent plant and some pebbles in the glass bowls to go with the candles as they can easily go with anything.


Framed Photos with Poems

For personalized centerpieces choose some of your best couple photos or those from your pre-nuptial pictorial and have them framed as well as some romantic poetry, verses, and lyrics of your favourite love songs. Present these framed photos and excerpts in clusters.

Favourite Things

If you have a collection of figurines, tea sets, candles or other collectibles, then you can craft them into wonderful little centerpieces. You can mix these items with some candles and simple fresh cut blooms. Feel free to mix and match as these items don’t need to be uniform across the tables.



Go with your wedding theme to get brilliant ideas on how you can dress up the tables. For a beach wedding an arrangement of sea shells, sand, and candles will be perfect. For a Christmas wedding you can use poinsettias and white candles to line your table runner.

To save more on your budget, you can have your centerpieces double as your wedding favors. Have your guests take home one from their table. This way you can give away the items you purchased such as the vases, candles, and other materials and be spared the trouble of storing them. Or you can also opt to rent some of the items you need so that you don’t have to purchase everything.

The sooner you can start working on your centerpieces the less stress and pressure you’ll feel to get them done. Start preparing these décor items within the month of your wedding and no later than 3 days before your big day.

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