DIY Table Centerpieces on a Budget (part 2)

Doing your own wedding items is helpful for you to save money on purchasing ready-made items and paying for labor. When it comes to DIY, the sky’s the limit to your creativity. For your wedding, you can explore your interests, the setting, and the theme to get you started on how you want these items done.

Here are more ideas on wedding centerpieces on a budget that you can DIY.


1.   Potted Plants – Potted plants is an affordable alternative to floral arrangements. A line of greens in small terracotta pots will look earthy and right for a garden wedding. Potted vegetable plants will also be good for your guests to take home as wedding favors. You can combine these potted plants with candles or lanterns for lighting.

2.   Use Recyclables – Make your wedding eco-friendly with recycled materials for your wedding table ceenterpiece. Use mason canning jars, used soda cans, or tin cans as pots with pebbles and a few fresh blooms. You can decorate these recycled materials with ribbons, spray paint them, or cover them with art paper. These are good centerpieces for a rustic outdoor wedding that is laidback and casual.


3.   Small Wooden Crate of Fruits – Another centrepiece idea that can double as wedding favour are fresh fruits in small wooden crates. The vibrant colors of the fruits will be an attractive contrast to the color of the wooden crates. This centrepiece is perfect for a picnic or backyard wedding. Your guests will love to take home a fruit or an entire crate from your wedding.

4.   Edible Centerpieces – Instead of having a separate buffet table for desserts, arrange them on glass cake stands to elevate the colourful desserts at the table center for an edible décor. Martha Stewart Weddings suggests using herbs in stainless cubes with a wraparound menu of dishes with the herb as an ingredient. These can also double as wedding favors.


5.    Decorative Candle Holders – Use floral printed paper to wrap around square candle holders and add a ribbon for trimming an idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. You can vary the print on these candle holder wrapper and use photos of you as a couple or print out your favourite poems and song lyrics.

You don’t need to spend more time than you can give in creating centerpieces. With the help of family and friends who are willing to get involved in your wedding preparations, you can get it done and have some quality bonding time with your loved ones as well. So take this an opportunity for your friends and family to bond before your wedding. Get them involved from brainstorming for ideas to shopping until the actual making of the centerpieces. This will make your wedding preparation more meaningful.

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