Do You Need a Live Band at Your Wedding?

To properly celebrate your wedding reception, you’ll need to have excellent music. And for that, your options are to arrange your own playlist, hire a DJ, or hire a live band. While each option has their own advantages, overall, hiring a live band is the best choice. Here are six reasons why:


Improved Atmosphere

There is a world of difference between hearing recorded sounds from a speaker and listening to music straight from a live band’s instruments and vocals. For one, your guests will have a deeper appreciation of the artists and their songs as they can see them perform personally. Having a live band at your reception also makes it feel more romantic and memorable. Live band are also better at setting the mood of the moment, whether it’s solemn and heartfelt for the marches or fun and fast-paced for the post-ceremony dances.

Classier Occasion

A live band will add a level of formality and sophistication to your wedding reception. If you’re having an intimate reception, you can hire a smaller band to get the same effect while still keeping everything in harmony. When you hire a live band to perform at your reception, it somehow indicates that you have really prepared for the occasion, and your guests will then find it more special and will feel honored by your effort.

A Unique Experience

Perhaps the best thing about hiring a live band is that the service they provide will be specifically catered for you. Not only will you be able to request the songs you like, you can even request them to cover it in a different genre or tempo. Think an upbeat, jazzy version of “La vie En Rose” for your dance with your father, for example. Some live bands in Singapore would sometimes even changes the lyrics of a song to include a reference to the couple.

Supplements the Theme

Just as your decorations should reflect the theme of your wedding, so too should your choice of performers and their music. If you’re having your reception at a grand place like the Fullerton Hotel, you might want to hire a band with a complete string section. Are you a jazz aficionado? There are a number of live jazz players in Singapore to make sure you groove into the music the whole night. And if you want a simple and light ambiance, an acoustic band will be your perfect choice.


Higher Entertainment Value

Another great thing about having a live band – and this is something pre-recorded music certainly can’t do – is that they can engage your guests. Unlike with a DJ or a set playlist, a band can respond to the audience immediately, even in the middle of their performance. They may, for example, speed up or raise their volume if they find the guests enthusiastic about the music. The singer or front man of the band will also interact with your guests, giving your entertainment a personal touch. (He or she might even host for a while and let your emcee take a break.)

Better Sound Quality

Even with the most sophisticated audio system, recorded music still won’t sound as good as a live performance from a band. The rhythm of strings, the beats of a drum, the soulful notes of a sax and, of course, the harmony made from a person’s voice – these are all best heard live. There are a lot of great live bands in Singapore, and each wedding reception they perform in is truly an occasion to remember.

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