Do You Plan Your Wedding at Work?

Planning a wedding can almost be a full time job in itself, given that the sheer amount of things that has to be done could easily require a bride-to-be’s full attention for months. However, as our need for dual income increases with Singapore’s ever-higher cost of living, we wonder: do brides-to-be in Singapore take time during their working hours to plan their wedding?

Well, Forbes women conducted a survey amongst working brides-to-be, and found out that 89% of brides actually admitted that they planned their weddings during company work time. However, only 30% of those brides admitted that it caused their work performance to suffer.

On average, the majority of brides said that it required 10 hours a week to plan their wedding for months, and it was quite impossible to make decisions strictly after working hours. Most wedding vendors work at the usual office hours, which means that brides can only contact them while they’re at work.

This isn’t all bad news for companies though. Experts surmised that it is during the time when people are getting engaged that they also become more serious with their work. They tend to be more competitive compared to employees who are still single, as they strive to achieve financial goals that would complement their plans for marriage. This allows for more motivated employees who are more productive to stay in the job, and even gain promotion opportunities.

The survey was conducted on 1,055 women, of whom 74% were planning their wedding or were currently engaged. Most of them held degrees, lived in the United States, employed full time and earning an annual average salary of US $72,629.

Do you plan your wedding during work time as well? Share your thoughts with us!

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