DOs and DON’Ts for Stress-free Wedding Planning

Your wedding will definitely be one of the most beautiful and inspiring moments you will ever experience in your life. However, when it comes to planning your own, it can be extremely exhausting, especially when you’re trying to bring your dream wedding to life.

As you plan your wedding – preparing your gown, venue, guest list, food, decorations, and other aspects of the wedding – remember that while planning can be stressful, it should be a “good” type of stress and not the type that drives you nuts. Here are some tips on how you can achieve that:


1.   Do remember what the ceremony is all about

A wedding is first and foremost a ceremony in which two persons are united in marriage. It is about you and your fiancé celebrating this moment with loved ones, family, and friends. Remember why the two of you are getting married and keep in mind that the wedding ceremony is a celebration of your love for each other – not just an occasion to show off or live your fantasies.

2.   Don’t own all the work

As the ceremony is about you and your fiancé, both parties should be involved in the wedding preparations to make sure that the wedding will reflect both your styles. It is also likely that your friends and family will be excited about the wedding, so welcome any help you receive from them. Of course, you may also hire a professional wedding planner to make sure that all the big and small details you might overlook are properly taken care of.

3.   Don’t put yourselves into debt

You must remember to stick within your budget and avoid taking any loans for your wedding that will only make your life in the near future more difficult. While most of us wish to have a fairy-tale wedding complete with extravagant features, if further thought shows that the money can be better spent on your home or your honeymoon, then it’s best to just settle with the wedding you can comfortably pay for. Intimate weddings are the latest rage in Singapore, so you’d still be in style even if you only have a small, private celebration.

Pooling all your resources into producing the entertainment this kind of wedding provides may make you forget the basic purpose of your wedding. This might only stress out both of you and may even be counterproductive. Besides, procuring debts at the start of your marriage is not a smart decision.


4.   Do bear in mind how much you love your family and the people around you

Given the importance of the occasion, the period before the big day can have a lot of emotional moments. With emotions running high, you can be quite sensitive about the support (or lack of it) from the people dear to you. You might find some of your family members too involved with your wedding that they’ve become intrusive, while in other times, you might think that they don’t care enough about it. No matter what you might think of their actions, keep in mind that you will be grateful to have them on your wedding day.

5.   Don’t be a “bridezilla”

There is nothing more distasteful than a bride who’s freaking out. Don’t throw a temper tantrum just because a couple of things are not going according to plan. There will always be things in your arrangement that will go askew no matter how hard you try to keep them aligned. The best thing you can do is to accept this and just try to work them to your advantage. Just remember to also enjoy the planning so when the big day comes you’ll look more beautiful than ever.

6.   Do take a time out

When things become overwhelming and you start to feel like you’re going nowhere, take a break from all the planning. This doesn’t mean you’re giving up on the wedding. It only means it’s time for you to take a step back and just breathe. Take a time out to relax, reflect, and spend some quality time with yourself and with your fiancé. Rested and energized, you will have a better focus and make the right choices for your wedding.


7.   Don’t worry about everyone else’s opinion

When you’re too busy trying to please everyone on your guest list, you’re preparing for the wedding your guests want, not what you want. Again, you might be forgetting who the wedding is really about. So don’t feel guilty if you can’t compromise on what they want. What’s important is that the wedding you’re planning will please you and your fiancé and that it will reflect who you both are. When this happens, your guests will be more appreciative of the beauty of your wedding.

8.   Do try to enjoy every moment from planning to wedding

Again, it’s not every day that you get to practice your creativity while planning for a momentous event in your life. Planning your wedding can be your first major undertaking as a couple and it’s the perfect time for you to show how you will support each other. Having a positive outlook while planning will certainly lighten and brighten things up. Doing a wedding will eventually make more sense when you’re enjoying the moment than when you’re being cranky about all the fuss in planning.

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