Do’s and Don’ts of Using Flowers As Decoration for your Wedding Car

Wedding cars need not have an elaborate decoration to look impressive. In fact, some cars look best with zero or minimal design.


One sure-fire way to pull off a simple but tasteful design for your wedding car is to use flowers and select foliage as main materials. Flowers add a look of harmony, especially if the colours of the flowers used match your wedding motifs. It also adds a soft touch to a rather cold and mechanical machine that is your wedding car. And since the flowers used in decorating wedding cars come in the form of bouquets, wreaths and corsage, you need not look further for someone to decorate your wedding car because your florist can certainly handle this task for you.

Here are the do’s and don’ts that you should remember when choosing flowers as your wedding car decoration.


1.       Choose sturdy flowers and foliage


The car’s decoration should withstand the weather, friction caused by the wind and the moving car, and the heat coming from the car’s machine. Flowers and foliage with woody textured stems make a good choice for this purpose.

Some examples of hardy foliage include:

– The big-fan-shaped leaves of the Monstera plant
– The Ruscus leaves
– The long, straight leaves of the Cordyline.

Examples of hardy flowering plants

– Sutherland hardy ice plant
– Quick fire hardy Hydrangea
– Roses and orchids also come with relatively hard stems

Wild flowers can also be added in creating the outline of the wedding car décor as they often come with strong and solid texture. Not to mention that they are inexpensive. Another advantage of using foliage as the base of the decoration is that it makes the floral arrangement look bulky. Hence, you don’t need to buy more flowers for your wedding car.

2.       Mix and match flowers

Feel free to use different types of flowers by mixing and matching them. Roses, for example, can be combined with orchids and wild flowers and foliage to achieve a rustic floral arrangement. Use cream and pink roses as primary flowers and white pink orchids as secondary flowers to fill in the gap in the arrangement.

Another example of flower combination is a mix of sunflowers, orange gerbers, and white daisies. This combination of flower blooms will look perfect on a retro car. To do this, just attach one bloom of sunflower and orange gerber with alternating balls of white daisies using double-sided tape on the car’s surface. Make sure to use a durable tape so the flowers don’t fall off.

A combination of peach carnations, white roses, baby’s breath and any long green leaves is another option. Arrange these flowers in a vintage car and tie it with a ribbon of the same colour to add effect. Contrasting colours can also be used for ribbons to make the flower arrangement look more visible.

3.       Consider the colour of the flowers


Use bright colours if your wedding car is bright. Red, golden, blue and green will do. But if your car has a darker colour, go for delicate bright colours to soften its look.

Examples of flowers by colour choice:

– Red – rose, poinsettia, dahlia and gerbera
– Pink – carnation, lily, rose, peony, and sweet pea tulip
– White – gardenia, rose, orchid, jasmine, sweet pea, snowdrop and camellia
– Yellow – sunflower, freesia, lily, gerbera, daffodil and tulip
– Lavender – lilac, iris, lavender, hydrangea and anemone

Availability of flowers will depend on the season. Choosing seasonal flowers will help you save cost as they always cost less than non-seasonal blooms.

Below are examples of flowers alongside their season:

– Summer Flowers: rose, sunflower, magnolia, carnation, anthurium, lily and chrysanthemum
– Spring Flowers: gerbera, daffodil, lily, sweet pea, anemone, orchid and freesia
– Winter flowers: iris, poinsettia, camellia, tulip, snowdrop, euphorbia, and nerine
– Fall flowers: hydrangea, pinks, clematis, passion flower and daisy
– All-year round flowers: carnation, orchid, calla lily, rose and tulip

 4.       Get Inventive with Flowers and Other Accessories


Provide a twist in your floral arrangement by making inventive use of blooms and foliage. For instance, you can tie a heart-shaped moss to the side mirror using a red ribbon, then attach a hanging ivy and a red rose to complete the details of this decoration. Another example would be a heart wreath made of pink and white flowers, with a pair of plastic doves on top and fake wedding rings attached to their beaks.

5.       Consider artificial flowers

Artificial flowers like silk flowers will look like authentic flowers. Plus, they are more durable as oppose to fresh natural flowers.


1.       Don’t use materials that may corrode the car’s paint

Do not spray with paint or apply whipped cream or electrical tape on the car’s surface. Metal wire and hot glue should be used with caution too because these materials can damage the car’s finish. Using ribbons and adhesive tapes serve as better alternative. Not only because they won’t leave marks, but also because they are great ways to add details to the decoration. If you and you’re bride would love to have some writing on the window, use markers like soap bars and shoe polish that don’t damage the car’s paint or finish.

2.       Don’t make the design obtrusive

Safety should always be considered when decorating the wedding car. There are reasons why some parts of the car should not be decorated, and safety is one of them. So make sure that the driver’s view is not obstructed as well as the windshield, windows and mirrors.

3.       Do not apply any decoration without the car owner’s go signal

If you don’t own the car you’ll be using for your wedding, make sure to get the permission of its owner first. Whether it’s your friend or brother or a car rental service provider, ask their approval or about their policy regarding wedding car decoration.

4.       Do not use materials that will be hard to remove

No matter how cool you think it would be to have confetti in your wedding car, it is better if you forget about it. Confetti is very hard to remove and so are popcorns. Their sugar coating could stick to the car’s seat or to the attire of the newlyweds.

Your florist certainly has an idea on the techniques used and mechanics required when decorating your wedding car with floral arrangements. But you can help make your florist’s job easier and save time and money as well by knowing these do’s and don’ts of decorating wedding cars with flowers.

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