Dream Wedding Invites For Your Dream Wedding

Also known as “save the date” cards, wedding invitations are one of the formalities of a wedding: they function, of course, as an invitation, and to notify your guests and give them some allowance to prepare for your wedding. They come in envelopes, starched and mass-produced, with an imprint of the couples’ name glazed in gold-metallic lettering across. In the midst of planning your wedding ceremony and banquet, one of the most important (though seemingly minuscule) aspect of the event—the wedding invitation cards—might get overlooked.

Make a memorable first impression on your invitees with wedding cards that, by virtue of being so beautifully done, say how important their presence would be on your wedding. Here are ten stunning wedding invitations your guests would love to receive.

1) A Cut Above the Rest

These wedding invites are way more than just mere pieces of paper: they’re actual works of art and paper-engineering. Designed by Olga Cuzuioc Sinchevici, each invitation card is presented in a delicate package, and revealing a mini surprise when finally opened. Given the meticulous nature of the cards, mass-producing them would mean that they have to be laser-cut. Imagine your guests’ delight, though, when they skim their fingers across the kirigami texture and marvel at the tiny embellishments—all the effort of making the invites will sure be worth it.

Photo by Coroflot

Photo by Coroflot


2) Paper Vinyl

Designed by Kelli Anderson for her friends, this wedding invitation turns the entire concept of a traditional wedding invite on its head and reinvents the concept. Inspired by the couples’ shared interest in music, Kelli incorporated elements of music into the invite via a paper record player! The interactive invite requires guests to tinker around with an accompanying record needle and move it along the grooves of a flexidiscrecord, which then plays an original song written, performed and produced by the couple. The invite even comes with an instruction sheet, so that the purpose of this incredible work of art is not rendered futile.

Watch the invitation in action here.

Photo by Kelli Anderson

Photo by Kelli Anderson


3) Coming Soon…

A wedding is a momentous occasion, perhaps the greatest you’ll have in your life. Like any event that requires methodical planning, it deserves an equally enticing trailer. So skip going to the post office and have your wedding invitation in the form of a film trailer instead! Husband and wife videographers Chris and Jennifer Mae shot an ‘Epic Save the Date’ for their client, producing a short film like something right out of Hollywood. The trailer features helicopter rides overlooking San Francisco, parties, and of course, Jay-Z rapping on the soundtrack.

Watch the trailer here.

Photo by Major Diamond Productions


4) Not At All Tepee(cal)

Depending on your own loyalty to the wedding theme, wedding invitations are just an extension of the entire white veiled affair. For a Native American-inspired wedding, which was held in the middle of the Arizona desert, Device designed an invitation in the form of a DIY miniature tepee. With details of the wedding and motifs letter pressed in various typesetting, it came with bamboo skewers to maintain the structure of the tepee. This is a wedding invite that doubles as a handy souvenir too!

Photo by We Are Device

Photo by We Are Device


5) Adventure Time

If you can’t put it into words, why not illustrate it? Designed by Kitkat Pecson, this kaleidoscope of colours splattered upon a blank canvas depicts the history of the couple. The personalised map even comes with numbers, coordinating with the copy at the bottom explaining the significance of the drawing to the couple’s relationship. Let your guest feast their eyes on this myriad of shades and live life in Technicolor on paper too!

Photo by Kitkat Pecson

Photo by Kitkat Pecson


6) I Love Rock and Roll!

No rock and roll wedding is complete without the iconic skull head. Is there anything more romantic than His and Her’s matching skulls, halved and joined together as a symbol of holy matrimony? Sticking to only two colours of varying tones, red and black (if I may add, very rocker shades). New Black Studio takes on both virtual and physical invitations. Sitting daintily in an eye-catching red package, it is hard to lose sight of your invitation card. If you do, however, fret not, the digital version could be made available on your smartphone coupled with directions on how to get to the wedding venue!

Photo by New Black Studio Design

Photo by New Black Studio Design


7) Read All About It

If the invite is fancy enough to stand on its own, do away with any unnecessary packaging! Following the typical format of a newspaper, this invite unfolds to intricate lettering with details of the wedding taking up an entire page. If words are you strong suit, fill up the enter page with them! Not with overly simplistic fonts on a white background (cue Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late album art), but with elaborate serif fonts! When it comes to a variety of fonts scattered across the page, the line between messy, ‘a chore to read’ and ‘put together’, ‘pleasing to the eye’ becomes very, very blurred. So avoid too many contrasting fonts and go for complementary fonts instead, as done by Drew Melton with this invitation.

Photo by Drew Melton

Photo by Drew Melton


8) ‘Our Love Was Made For Movie Screens’

Locations can play a huge part in centring around the theme of a wedding. In some cases, it can even inspire the theme of wedding invites. For a wedding to be held at the Art Deco cinema, Julia Chau took the opportunity to design wedding invites in the form of ticket stubs. The entire concept fits in perfectly with the overarching theme, invite your guests to a romance blockbuster (or whatever sub genres you think best describes your relationship) that is your wedding. We give this invitation a review of 5 out of 5 stars!

Photo by Julia Chau

Photo by Julia Chau


9) Tattoo You

Well not exactly. A tattoo of your wedding invitation may not sound very inviting to your guests, what about something less permanent? A customised stamp might just do the trick. You can’t neglect its handiness; meet a guest before your wedding date? Just conveniently mark them with your stamp! Now your guests are sure to have their invites with them all the time! (Unless they lose their arm, which will be highly unlikely). Jorgen Grotdal made use of rubberised stamps to craft this wedding invite that’s both straightforward and charming. Guests would need no persuasion to keep your special day free.

Photo by J. Grotdal Design and Typography

10) Guitar Strummin’ Music Lovin’

From afar, the guitar on the print looks almost 3 dimensional. If music (specifically the guitar) has played a pivotal role in your relationship, or if you’re Ed Sheeran, this wedding invitation is just for you! The brainchild of Jose Canales, the concept is actually uncomplicated: just a single card printed on both sides that, when folded, the initials of the couple become visible through the sound hole of the guitar. The cheery, vivid colours set the tone for an entertaining, debonair wedding. This is one wedding musically-inclined guests would surely love to be a part of.

Photo by Jose Canales

Photo by Jose Canales

Some wedding invitations go well beyond the traditional wedding cards, and take on other forms. But don’t think of this as a competition. Rather, think of it as a way of leaving your guest with something more than just a mere envelope with a flimsy card inside—a memento, a little keepsake they can remember your love with, a little ‘thank you’ for attending your big day.

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