Duties of a Bridesmaid

If you think that being a bridesmaid simply means planning a bridal shower for the bride, you can’t be any further away from the truth! Just before you say yes and commit yourself, take time to find out what are the “dirty jobs” you’ll have to do as a maid of the bride. But if you’ve already agreed, well, for the happiness of a good friends, there’s really no job too dirty.

Bride and Bridesmaid


There are a lot of pre wedding preparations in which the bride may need your help with. Firstly, the bride may need your help to choose the location for the wedding. You may be asked to accompany her or even to drive her around as she checks her venue options. After all, nothing beats having an opinion of a good friend in making important decisions.

After shopping for a location to hold a wedding, the most exciting moment in wedding planning would be to choose a gown. As usual, many brides would prefer to have a female friend by their side when making decisions since we know more about body shapes and sizes than any male friend she might have. In addition to choosing her own bridal gown, she may also want your opinion about the bridesmaids’ dresses. Do keep in mind the couple’s budget while making your choice!

In order to be the most beautiful character of the day, the bride might also need your help in choosing her accessorise and decorate the venue. The wedding jewellery, flowers, decorations, wedding card designs, wedding cakes and wedding favours might all be improved by inputs from you.

Probably the most tedious (or, should we say thankless) pre-wedding task of a bridesmaid is helping the couple write their wedding card invitation, arranging the seating positions of guests, and track the RSVP. Exercise those hand muscles and remember not to complain in front of the couple. Just keep in mind that now you know who to ask for help when it’s your turn to get married!

Last and probably the most exciting duty of a bridesmaid is planning a bridal shower. Do not underestimate these tasks. You would need to plan the event and collect the funds, as well as do the invitations (all the while keeping track of RSVP). However, let us assure you, the fun of that night will pay the debt of all the hard work you went through – so plan it well and have fun!

During the Wedding

On the day of the wedding, the first thing you would need to do is to wake up early in the morning and help the bride (and maybe the other bridesmaids as well) get dressed and apply their make-up. This is one of the rare times a group of girls get to play dress up so ignore the zzzz monster and enjoy.

Gate-crashing, a tradition in the Chinese culture, is also another payback time for the bridesmaid. It is the one and only time you can “torture” your friend’s husband without earning her wrath. Drinking disgusting drinks, doing push-ups and extorting the groom is part of the deal, so do it sisters!

During the tea ceremony, sometimes, the bridesmaid may be roped in to help prepare the tea and conduct the tea ceremony. Do it with a smile, knowing that only important people get to do such a task for the couple.

Throughout the day, make sure to help the bride with her veil and train so that she will not trip over it and ruin her moment. In addition, keep your hands free to hold the bridal bouquet when needed. Sometimes, you may also need to be the ring keeper. Do all these with great caution if you do not want any unplanned drama to unfold during the wedding.

As the bridesmaid, do be the host and direct the guests to their seats. In addition, keep a record of the couple’s gift and safeguard their gifts well. Take pictures and socialise. Periodically, check on the bride in the waiting room to ensure everything is fine, but do give the couple some privacy to savour their special, joyful moments.

If you think all of these is too much for you to handle, don’t worry. A bride will normally have a few other bridesmaids to share the load with you.

At the end of the day, give yourself a BIG pat and congratulate the bride (and yourself)!

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