Engagement Photos: 8 Basic Tips and More

Now that you’re finally engaged, you’d want to let the whole world know about this momentous occasion. Uploading your engagement photos online is the new way to hint about your upcoming nuptials. It’s fast and you get feedback immediately! Before you get too excited and rush off to book your appointment, consider the following pointers to help you plan your first important photo shoot as a couple!

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1. Tell a Story

Your engagement album helps you narrate your love story. This means that every photo inside has to be linked by a common theme, or they have form a story when arranged in the correct sequence. Use mind maps, collages or story boards to help you organize your ideas during your brainstorming session.

2. Bond with Your Photographer

This is your first time working with the guy who is going to do your pre-wedding photo shoot. Naturally you will be nervous, but talk to him as much as possible. Only when he feels he understands the two of you would he be able to capture photographs that reflects your personality.

3. Practice for the Big Day

Use this session to experiment with different poses and ask lots of questions. Your photographer will be more than happy to give you suggestions to improve your pose. Do your best to follow his instructions, because he only wants you to look your best in every photograph.

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4. Dress for the Occasion

Pick shirts, pants or dresses with solid colours and keep all prints to a minimum. Also try to avoid wearing white, because most of your wedding and pre-wedding photographs will feature the white wedding dress. Having bright cheery colours creates a nice contrast to the rest of the album.

5. Invest in a Good Makeup Artist

Don’t hesitate to find a good makeup artist if you feel you need one. The results are worth it! These professionals know how to highlight your good features while masking those embarrassing blemishes. Have these small touch ups here and there reduces the need for photo editing later on.

6. Visit Places You Love

Reflect on your relationship and the places that are significant to the two of you. Decide on locations you’d like to visit as you plan your photos. Like in any novel, the setting is as important as the storyline. Going to the right places helps to create the correct mood for your love story.

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7. Pick a Good Time Slot

Have your photo shoot during the first two hours after sunrise or the last two hours before sunset. During this time the sunlight is gentle enough so there won’t be harsh shadows and the colours are more vivid. Photos captured then have that gorgeous golden glow found in outdoor bridal portraits.

8. Be Expressive

Kiss, gaze into each other’s eyes, cuddle, snuggle or hug. Now isn’t the time to feel embarrassed about being affectionate. Ask for some privacy whenever you need to warm up. Don’t be too surprised when you find pictures of those so-called private moments among your collection. Those are probably some of the best shots in the entire album, because you forgot your photographer was nearby.

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Important Engagement Photography Do’s and Don’ts

Following Internet Trends:

DON’T: You may be tempted to recreate some of the cool or quirky poses you saw on the Internet, but do not copy them blindly. Those poses may not be suitable for you nor would they be as memorable.

DO: Express your personality by engaging in activities you enjoy on that day. Avoid doing a sequence of shots featuring different Internet trends. Such trends come and go, but you will always be you.

Picking the Right Outfit:

DON’T: Engagement photography sessions may be casual, but you shouldn’t be look sloppy. This means no cargo pants, crocs, flip-flops, shorts or baggy T-shirts. You wouldn’t want to give your future in-laws and relatives the wrong impression when they see those photographs.

DO: Keep your outfit smart casual. Ladies can choose to wear a dress with a pair of sandals or covered flats. The gents can go for a collared shirt and a pair jeans. This outfit should be matched with a pair of covered shoes.

DON’T: Matching couple outfits look good on television, but not in real life. You wouldn’t want everyone to be staring at you when you arrive at the photo shoot location. This unwanted attention will only make you more self-conscious.

DO: Wearing complementary outfits means that the colours you choose and the styles you pick should coordinate. For example, when the bride-to-be picks an outfit that is perfect for a shopping trip at Orchard Road, the groom-to-be shouldn’t dress like he is about to go to Sentosa beach.


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Using Props in the Photo Shoot:

DON’T: Props help you narrate your love story, but too using many props in a photo can be distracting. These pictures feel as cluttered as those you used to get from the Neo Print booth.

DO: You don’t have to bring props for every single shot. Sometimes you can just make do with whatever you find at the location itself like park benches, huge trees or even slides.

Uploading Your Photographs:

DON’T: You may have a hard time deciding on your favourite picture, but don’t upload the entire album. Your friends and relatives will be so annoyed by the notifications that they may even forget to congratulate you.

DO: Select one or two good photographs to upload and then tag your partner. This is a more subtle way of sharing the good news. In fact, people are more likely to look at one or two photographs rather than browse through a huge album.

With a little careful planning you will be able to create a memorable engagement album that is bound to excite your friends and relatives. Nothing makes them happier than getting a small glimpse of your love story and unique couple personality. There is certainly no better way to hint about your upcoming wedding.

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