Engagement Ring Trends for 2021 Weddings

In today’s weddings, the engagement ring doesn’t need to have a traditional design to have a classic beauty. It can have a trendy design today and still look wonderful in all the years to come. Trends are markers of time, and today’s cutting-edge beauty will be tomorrow’s prized vintage. So feel free to follow the trend you love.

Being trendy with your wedding jewellery is not a bad choice. Unlike clothes that could look ridiculous in the future when they are overly trendy today, jewellery will always be stunning because of its precious gems and metals. So do not hesitate to let this year’s trends guide you in choosing the ring that will make her say “Yes!”

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1.  Vintage Beauty

Vintage styles that are popular today are those with Edwardian and Art Deco designs. The period drama TV series Downtown Abbey has led the growing appeal of all things Edwardian – from furniture to dress, and of course to jewelry. Art deco, meanwhile, appeals because of its intricate detailing and design that makes it look modern while also having a classic dimension. If your family has a heirloom with these designs, we suggest you use it.

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2.  A Pop of Color

The solitaire ring no longer has to have the usual clear white diamond. Today’s colors of choice are bright canary yellow, the deep blue sapphire made popular by the Duchess of Cambridge, and neutral cognac or champagne. The pop of color will draw attention to your girl’s bling. Colored solitaire is an intriguing declaration of an engagement that most women would love to wear.

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3.  Big Rock

For most people, the bigger the rock, the better. If you want to highlight your rock, go for a double halo setting. The two rims encircling the solitaire will make it look bigger. To enhance it further, use contrasting colors for the metal and the stone surrounding the solitaire. This makes the central rock look even bigger and more elaborate.

ringtrend2021_004Blue sapphire ring on longmontjewelers.com

4.  Trendy Cuts

The classic round cut is going to take a break for now and allow other exciting cuts to enrich the options. Some of the cuts that are trending now are the following:

  • Emerald – A bigger and bolder look than other cuts, it is sleek and has a mix of vintage and modern look to it. This cut is perfect for a high carat diamond with a shameless size.
  • Cushion – This cut lets a diamond with large facets look even more brilliant. The shape of this cut also has an antique aesthetic.
  • Oval – An excellent alternative to the classic round shape, oval is sleeker and looks better as a solitaire.
  • Pear – This cut will make up for any lack of size and lower carat weight the central gem. When on a budget, a smaller rock can still be a stunning solitaire in this shape.

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5.  Custom Settings

Your choices for the setting is more varied than ever before. The setting that celebrates not only the solitaire but the precious platinum as well as bezel. It is smoother and a more secure setting, making it perfect for a woman who has a busy, active lifestyle. Other trendy settings include the bypass, an intricate setting that is worthy of attention by itself. Other trends include the twisted, a design that follows an infinity loop design, and a vintage design with raised settings.


Mixed metal ring on Etsy.com

6.  Mixed Metals

Platinum has been the popular choice for years now. This time gold is also going to be a popular choice of metal. Go for yellow or white gold or even mix the two for a more distinct look. Mixing yellow and white gold looks great for a twisted or stacked band designs. For a raised setting, the metal that sets the solitaire can be in yellow gold, while the band can be in white to highlight the solitaire.

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7.  Unconventional Styles

Some of the trendy styles of an engagement ring are stacked, conflict-free and organic-floral. Stacked has a playful and youthful vibe while looking indulgent on the bands, especially when each is studded with diamonds.

Conflict-free and eco-friendly rings, on the other hand, reduce “blood diamond” trade. This is the most applauded trend that ought to be a classic. Do your part by making an intelligent choice of purchasing only a diamond ring that is certified by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme. Or one that is of recycled gold settings.

Organic and floral styles has a look of nature in its design, largely due to the leaf-shaped details on its bands. The design is perfect for a ring that is eco-friendly in its materials and production.

These trends make engagement rings more diverse and true to the personality and style of every woman. But more than just being stylish, social responsibility and environmental consciousness are important. Thus, conflict-free and eco-friendly rings will surely never go out of style no matter their designs. Before purchasing a ring, know your alternatives to make a smarter choice.

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