Essential Cards You Need For Your Wedding

Stationery are necessary for every wedding, be it instructional or those little tags to show your appreciation. So what types of cards do you need? Take note of all these, and make sure you have them!


Your stationery needs start with the Wedding Invitation. In it, write the important details of your wedding – the venue and location, as well as other specifics – and include a clear instruction to RSVP. For a hassle-free way of collating your guest list, you can create your own FREE Wedding Website at Perfect Weddings, which allows your guests to RSVP, which is then instantly collated in the website’s Guest List Manager. Access these wedding tools at Wedding Website, RSVP and Guest List Manager.

Card on Table

Place Cards

Place Cards are helpful when you need to control where each of your guests would sit, particularly honored guests and specific couples or cliques. But if you’re not having a very formal wedding, especially if most of your guests already know each other well, you can use escort cards instead of placements.

Menu Cards

As the name implies, Menu Cards inform your guests in advance what they would be dining on. If you’ll be having a buffet style banquet, the menu cards will give ample time for your guests to think over what they would like to grab once dinner starts. Make sure that all the dishes at the buffet are also labeled.

For a seated dinner, the menu cards serves more as formality, and many couples do away with it. Another option, if you still want to have menu cards on a seated dinner, but would like to cut cost, is to simply have a single large menu card per table instead of an individual card per guest.

Favor Tags

Favor Tags are a friendly reminder to the guests to receive the gifts you have prepared for them beside their plates. However, favor tags are only necessary if you’re giving away really impressive gifts or if you’re giving a different gift to each guest and therefore some instructions are necessary. Include a little motif décor or your monogram on your tags to make them more appealing.

Thank You Cards

These are important in thanking your guests for attending your wedding and for any gift you have received from them. Sending Thank You Cards is a simple way to show graciousness without stressing yourself, given how you’ll be hard-pressed for time if you force yourself to mingle with each of your guests during your wedding reception. Buy your cards in bulk to save on cost and send them no more than 2 weeks after your wedding, especially for guests who sent gifts, or no more than 6 weeks if you’ll be having a honeymoon first.

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